Posted on February 22, 2023 at 7:04 pm

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Sonu Nigam manhandled during his concert; watch video!

A new, clearer and longer video of the unfortunate events that occurred post Sonu Nigam‘s Chembur concert have surfaced which reveals Sonu wanting to go back and confront the attacker instead of slipping away.

Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam

Singer Sonu Nigam and his team were recently in the midst of a scuffle regarding a selfie from a fan during the final moments of his act at an event.

In which was lauded by bystanders and netizens who praised the singer for not scurrying away but confronting the perpetrators.

“Most celebrities don’t want to get involved in something unpleasant like this and leave it to their teams to tackle the situation. It was very heartening to see Sonu stand up for his team and confronting the men in question. He even took his team members to the hospital and waited to complete the required police procedures. Its a rare thing to see these days” says a source.

Take a look at the video here:

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