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5 Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Redefining Beauty Products With Ancient Indian Ingredients

Deepika Padukone – Ashwagandha Bounce (82°E)

Global Indian icon Deepika Padukone recently introduced “Ashwagandha Bounce” moisturiser and “Patchouli Glow” sunscreen drops, as the inaugural product line of her recently launched self-care brand, 82°E. In line with the brand’s core philosophy, these products have been rigorously sourced, carefully crafted and clinically tested to make skincare a simple, effective and enjoyable self-care ritual. Ashwagandha Bounce moisturiser is a rich yet lightweight moisturiser that is enriched with ashwagandha to restore skin elasticity and sodium hyaluronate for long-lasting hydration. Patchouli Glow sunscreen SPF 40 broad spectrum PA+++ provides protection from the harmful radiation of the sun in addition to protecting skin’s barrier by combining Patchouli leaf extract with ceramides.

Deepshikha Deshmukh – Kumkumadi Saffron Gold Tailam (Love Organically)

Deepshika Deshmukh who is the founder of Love Organically and producer at Pooja Entertainment, created this brand 5 years ago purely because there was a huge void in the market for good quality Indian clean beauty, sustainable and wellness products. She wanted her Products to fill that gap and gravitate into doing something bigger and be part of a movement where skincare not just does good to the skin but also helps Mother Earth. The entire Ayurvedic Kumkumadi range – specially the Saffron Gold Tailam, the product from Love Organically has been of the most premium and everyone’s favourite product. Kumkumadi oil is a blend of 21 ingredients all in their most potent form. In ancient times SAFFRON was coveted as it did not grow freely and large amounts of the flower were needed to obtain the herb. Truly the Gold of the Skincare world .Till today it remains a precious ingredient, its oil extraction even more so. This concentrated oil has been mixed with over 21 herbs all with the ability to bestow good skin health. The concoction promises healthy, younger looking skin and the effects of which are long lasting.


Nikita Mehta- HoliRoots Hair Oil (Fable & Mane)

Nikita is the Creative Director, Storyteller & Product visionary behind Fable & Mane. With a passion for Ayurvedic ingredients, product innovation and conscious rituals. Her mission is to bring consciousness into beauty and awaken our roots with wild wisdom. Her product HoliRoots Hair Oil, is a pre-wash hair and scalp treatment oil to massage into dry hair and scalp before shampoo.
Designed to be part of your weekly hair ritual. Ashwagandha helps to thicken fine hair and strengthen the scalp, while Dashmool promotes healthy scalp circulation to encourage hair growth. It has a sublime scent that transports you to Incredible India. This product is an award-winning root treatment oil to grow stronger, healthier hair. Akash Mehta is the CEO, growth & digital marketing specialist for Fable & Mane. While Nikita is a committed philanthropist, her respect for big cats led to the creation of the Fable Fund that helps secure a future for our planet’s wildlife.


Diipa Büller – Khosla – PM Sunset Restore Serum 1% bakuchiol (IndeWild)

Diipa Büller-Khosla is an entrepreneur and describes herself as a Global Indian. She has great following on social media, who have followed her skin journey as she’s worked to clear her acne. Her mother, Dr. Sanghita Khosla, is an Ayurvedic doctor and dermatologist. This combination of factors made her feel that creating her own brand was not a matter of if, but when. The when, it turns out, is now, after a 2-year product development and brand building process. One of her most revered product is the PM Sunset Restore Serum 1% bakuchiol, the night time skincare routine can be simplified with plant-based retinol alternative (Bakuchiol) together with other highly potent ingredients work overtime while one rests, for overnight repair and rejuvenation. The Sunset Restore Serum has all PM-routine needs in a single bottle. With plant-based retinol alternative (Bakuchiol), this overnight serum is safe for all skin types, tones and sensitivity. Their blend of science-backed ingredients like Squalane and Tripeptide Complex and tradition-rooted ingredients like Amla work together in perfect harmony for optimal overnight restoration and de-stressing.


Mira Kulkarni – Coconut Oil (Forest Essentials)

Mira Kulkarni had been exposed to the Ayurvedic way to life early in life having a home in the Tehri Garhwal region of Uttaranchal which is the Ayurvedic hub in India. She had realized a gap in the market for user-friendly Ayurvedic products as against the traditional Ayurvedic products available, which were too strongly scented and though effective, not very pleasant to use, hence she worked with Vaids and modern biochemists to produce a range of products, which while keeping the inherent properties of Ayurveda intact, are wonderfully scented and pleasurable to use. In this way she created Forest Essentials as an authentic traditional, luxury ayurvedic skin care brand with its foundations in the ancient science of Ayurveda. Amongst the many products they have, The Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is among the top products. This oil is extracted from the fresh grated white flesh of strictly graded high quality Coconuts to procure the richest extract. The creamy flesh of the coconut is separated through a meticulous series of centrifuges at low temperatures. An old fashioned cold press method is then used to distil the oil into traditional wooden Kohlus, without the application of heat so as to retain the oil’s nutrients and its superior quality. A regular massage with this tones, relaxes and nourishes the skin and muscle tissue as well as flushes the toxins from the body to give lustre to the skin. This multi-purpose oil can also be applied to the hair for its nourishing and conditioning qualities.

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