Posted on July 22, 2022 at 2:24 pm

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Actor Gananay Chadha, all for brave & risk taking fashion

Gananay Chadha has become the main focus for fashion, thanks to his Instagram @gananay_7 where he serves some fantastic looks and unique styles. Setting a high standard for Bollywood fashion, he wants no more of this ‘naya sida sada ladka’ look; it’s time to adapt a more edgy, sexy, and wild look.

Gananay Chadha looking dapper

After his oh-so-impressive body transformation, Gananay has been ditching the safe fashion sphere and experimenting with his looks, unlike any other B-Town actor. He calls Ranveer Singh his fashion inspiration and says he is the only actor in Bollywood who dresses for himself, not others “He is brave. Unlike others, he truly dresses for himself. Not just for the sake of making a headline, he is a fashion icon for real.”

Gananay aspires to be a fashion icon in his own right; rather than going down the traditional route of the innovative hair, white shirt & blue jeans that your mothers and Nani Ji would beg you to marry, he wishes to go entirely against the grain “I love experimenting. Fashion, to me, is an expression. When I am in a good mood, I am all about colors & prints, but when I am not in a good mood, it’s a white t-shirt & tracks kind of day for me. Not that white t-shirt & tracks are bad, but it is safe.”

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