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AM By Arpita Mehta

Welcome to AM by Arpita Mehta: Luxury that you can wear anytime, anywhere, and through the seasons

Watching the weather change
Colors around us brighten and fade
As summer turns into winter, and monsoon washes away spring
Emotions flowing, experiences blooming, memories exploding
Through all of these moving moments, what a beautiful thing it is
To be an all-season constant, don’t you think?

Arpita Mehta reveals an all-season, off-the-rack collective of luxury separates and sets, that will add a spirit of joy to your wardrobes.

They say small gestures are just as impactful as the grand ones — sometimes even more. This is the sentiment behind AM by Arpita Mehta — a ready-to-wear collection featuring easy-breezy kaftans, capes, kite pants, and bralettes, all focussed on around-the-year wearability across seasons, occasions, celebrations, and moods. With a ‘less is more’ concept influencing the design, at the heart of it all, every piece is rooted in what the brand has always stood for: luxury, quality craftsmanship, and all those pretty little details.

“We Indians have always had an affinity towards the maximal aesthetic. While our bridal and fusion lines are heavier on the embroideries, we wanted to give this range a new disposition. So, we took out all the excesses, but left behind the same quality, integrity, and luxury as any of our clothing,” explains Arpita.

Ready-to-wear was always a part of the brand’s pedigree, and also a long-time fan favorite. This time, however, Arpita rolls it out in an entirely new segment positioned as ‘all-season luxury wear’. What you can expect is a lot of beautiful variations, exclusive prints and styles, unique silhouettes, and more quantities of it all, to satiate diverse tastes along with this expanding demand for easy to wear, stylish clothing.

“People are now looking for more and more reasons, occasions, and excuses to dress up. Putting on good-looking clothes is no longer reserved for formal events alone. And as everyone is becoming increasingly fashion and environment conscious, the desire to repeat and repurpose clothing is something we need to incorporate into our mission and mindsets. We want to offer silhouettes that work equally well for summer and winter, that can be worn day or night, on a shopping spree, Maldivian holiday, for a beach party, or on a night out in the city. Women want luxury alongside durability, and pieces that promote comfort with the opportunity of creative freedom. We want to give them all of that, and more,” explains the designer, who is already sending ripples of excitement in all directions.

The over-arching inspiration of the first edition of AM by Arpita Mehta is festive, but in a way that will garner a uniquely global appeal to people who have an eye for eclectic fashion. The garments are airy, fun, with a butterfly-light touch — the things dreams are made of when it comes to dressing up or down. You will see exclusive contemporary prints like a rug, brick, and marble taking the spotlight; warmer colors like brick, mustard yellow, teal, cream, and black conquering canvases; and versatile, free-flowing silhouettes peppered throughout the collection.

Taking the brand ethos forward, for Arpita, regardless of whether it is bridal, fusion, or luxury pret — the quality and techniques used across all lines must be consistent, with zero compromises made. That’s why silk crepe and georgette, fabrics that have been synonymous with the brand from the beginning, continue to flourish here. Other than using the brand’s trademark accents of mirrors and shells, it has also experimented with coral beads, an interesting new addition to the brand’s legacy details.

The muse for this all-season collective was every woman in Arpita’s family — from her mom to her masi, her mami to her sister.

“I have imagined all of them wearing these kaftans and capes, and that’s what I want to offer to my customers — something for every woman, of every age, from her twenties to her seventies”.

Evoking a certain joie de vivre, AM by Arpita Mehta mirrors the innate duality of what women want: to be comfortable, but to look stunning at the same time. “Our goal was to make looking great an effortless task, and to keep room for the wearer to use their imaginations and make the garments their own,” says Arpita. Simply put, the ensembles in AM by Arpita Mehta are the antidote for pieces that are designated as a ‘one-time glory’, designed to fit dress codes across the spectrum, from a summer mehendi carnival to a monsoon Ganesh puja at home.

“We need to adapt to our contemporary lifestyles. Today, even brides are dialling it down. To be able to wear a garment that’s luxe, light and every bit of an Arpita Mehta masterpiece as a bridal ensemble, is something that I want to offer my customers. I want to make the clothing relevant in a way that it can seamlessly be incorporated in daily wardrobes — so that no one is limited to wearing an Arpita Mehta piece only at weddings and festivals. I want to see AM by Arpita Mehta on holidays, brunches, pujas, dinner parties, mehendi ceremonies, house warmings and every kind of occasion, big or small. I also want to make it affordable so that I can give everyone a chance to be able to own an Arpita Mehta outfit”, the designer explains.

With this intention in mind, the all-season collection is priced between INR 11,000/- and INR 44,000/- and is available on the brand’s website, as well as their flagship store, off-the-rack and by order.

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