Posted on April 29, 2022 at 8:35 am

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Mahhi Vij: ‘I Am Glad That Tara’s Videos Bring a Smile On People’s Faces’

Mahhi Vij and husband Jay Bhanushali, who tied the knot in 2010, were blessed with their daughter Tara Jay Bhanushali in 2019.

Mahhi Vij: 'I Am Glad That Tara's Videos Bring a Smile On People's Faces'
Mahhi Vij: ‘I Am Glad That Tara’s Videos Bring a Smile On People’s Faces’

And not only is the little girl the apple of her parents’ eye, but also spreads cheer to anyone who spends some moments with her. Any post of Mahhi‘s on social media that features Tara, sees a plethora of comments appreciating the little girl for the cutie-pie that she is.

Says Mahhi,

“Tara has always been that ray of sunshine that can pull anyone out of a slump. I am not saying that as her mother, but as someone who has first-hand witnessed how she walks into a room and everyone’s mood just lightens up. She makes people happy and many of my friends and relatives will agree to what I say. So when I upload content on social media, not only do I get comments praising Tara but at the end of the day, I know that Tara is making people happy. My daughter is putting a smile on people’s faces and nothing makes me more happy!”

Not only that, but Tara is also considered one of Instagram’s youngest influencers. She also has her own verified page too which her parents manage. And mom Mahhi is super proud.

“It is surprising how much she is able to influence her followers on social media. And if following her page makes people’s day and they pour in more and more love for Tara, then why would I mind? I am proud that my daughter makes people happy,” she signs off.

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