Posted on April 7, 2022 at 10:25 pm


Bhumika Chawla: We need to spare 15 minute for ourselves

Bhumika Chawla Speaks About Mental Health


Actress Bhumika Chawla who will be next seen in the film Operation Romeo shares her thoughts on World Health Day which is on the 7th of April.


She starts with the awareness factor and says, “First and foremost we need to spare 15 minutes to 1 hour a day for ourselves every day. Irrespective of whether you are in sports, education, acting, art, medical or in any field can spread awareness on health by posting articles or important authentic health-related videos.”

Speaking about mental health which is probably the most important concern in the last few years.


Chawla adds, “I firmly believe that health is not just physical but mental and emotional also. While we exercise to stay fit physically we need to also do things that keep us peaceful and happy. Life in big cities is always fast-paced. One must take time out in the morning to pray, meditate, and do certain physical activities. Just look at the trees or go to the beach or a park nearby. The pandemic did make people realize that health is wealth. Though humans by nature have poor memory and forget. This is a lesson we should remember -late nights are something that people must avoid. Overindulgence in alcohol, partying, or over-exercising. Everything done in moderation is fine.”

Bhumika also shares her personal training regime.

“I don’t go to gyms much. People can eat better without spending more. In fact, spending more on eating unhealthy food is not a great idea. One can exercise anywhere if one wishes to – no need for an expensive gym membership to maintain fitness. I don’t diet.  Having weak willpower will let all of us down in our decisions to eat healthy exercise or do things that make us feel better. I drink water every morning empty stomach — I try to have fruits daily and vegetables and salads. Dinner usually is done by 7:30 or at the latest by 8 unless other plans are there and most importantly I sleep early. And then I try to maintain my intake in a good way. I drink 2 ltr water, work out, drink 1 glass of nimbu paani, do daily yoga, etc. Three things to  avoid-  junk food, meeting toxic people, and late-night munching.”

Bhumika Chawla: We need to spare 15 minute for ourselves
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