Posted on March 14, 2022 at 9:10 am

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Ira Paul: Women’s Luxury Fashion Label

The Brand Celebrates the Beauty, Strength, Grace, and Unique Individuality of Women.



Ira Paul is a design studio that started with two tailors and one embroiderer to create a brand that stands for artistic freedom, creative expression, and the celebration of their uniqueness. It was founded by fashion designer Ira Paul and Creative Coder Nihal Mahadevan. They aim to inspire people to freely express themselves.

Ira Paul: Women's Luxury Fashion Label

They create small made-to-order capsule collections for various occasions that are designed to make women feel and look their best. Their artisans bring to life sophisticated and refreshing embroideries and make each piece a work of art. From the sketch to the embroidery, they spare no details to attain perfection in our craft.


With their collections, they hope to reach women all around the world and celebrate their individual beauty.


Brand Highlights

Ira Paul is best described as the emergence of hyper-modern couture in India. The brand’s classic couture tropes found brilliance in its fearless use of color and its emotional geometry. It has a creative template of sultry, in-your-face sexuality with an impeccable combination of digital decadence and traditional Indian styles. It really is a modern luxury business where fashion can still produce radically progressive, soulful fantasies.


Ira Paul: Women's Luxury Fashion Label

About the Collection

The latest NON-FICTION collection is inspired by the true stories of fictitiously brave and brilliantly beautiful women like Yoshiko Kawashima, a Manchurian spy princess, Queen Elizabeth I, Nobel Laureate Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, Florentine painter Artemisia Gentileschi, American Women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth, Sufi princess and British Spy Noor Inayat Khan, Empress of China Wu Zetian and Princess Alice of Battenberg and Greece.

Ira Paul: Women's Luxury Fashion Label

Inspired by these incredible personalities the collection is created with the most indulgent sartorial involvement, painstaking attention to details, and uniquely timeless designs that elevate each ensemble into a statement work of art.

After weeks of painstaking hand embroideries and immaculate draping, each style is an expression of feminine individuality, power, and a sense of adventure. Playful storytelling in the form of hand embroideries, bold use of colors, luxurious fabrics, and unforgettable silhouettes that makes you look and feel your best.

Ira Paul: Women's Luxury Fashion Label

About the Designer

Ira Paul is an Indian Fashion designer, who graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore in 2019. Painting since she was a little girl, her love for harmony in colors and all of the art is an integral part of her life and is today her design signature, combined with sophisticated storytelling to inspire and celebrate individuality.

Through her brand, she hopes to reach women all around the world who like to express their individuality through art and fashion. She designs to make women feel free and powerful while looking and feeling their best. Fashion is a powerful medium of expression that she chooses to tell stories that inspire us to be true to ourselves and celebrate our beliefs with beauty and fantasy.

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