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Harjinder Singh: My preference has always been OTT

OTT: every character is established well, even if you’re standing there, your character has significance

“Film I’m Banni” actor Harjinder Singh did not have a smooth entry into the industry. Coming from a small city Mukerian, in Punjab, he shifted to Pune to complete his graduation From MIT College and also started working. From the very beginning, he wanted to do something different and had an inclination towards acting.
“But I had a lot of responsibilities to look after and because of that I couldn’t pursue acting early in my life, so I continued doing what I was doing there. And like it is said that an actor has no age.  I used to think that whenever I get a chance, I will definitely take up acting. So when I got a chance I took it up. My first break was in 2015. We shot for a film but unfortunately, it didn’t get completed and we stopped shooting midway due to personal issues,” he says.

The actor then announced his entry with I’m Banni.

“The reason I said yes to the film is because of the subject. It is on the education of girls, because still in our country, there are places where girls are not allowed to study. At a young age, they are told to sit at home and learn household chores as what will girls do after studying? I really liked the subject. In this film, I play one of the three friends who are in a state where girls are not allowed to study and are not treated well. So we help one of them to get the education they deserve so that she grows up to become something and because of that the rest of the families will get encouraged,” he shares about the film.

Harjinder is also keen on exploring both OTT and TV. However, he feels more inclined towards the former.

The difference between both, according to him, “What I understand is that in TV shows, there are specific characters, faces should suit that character, etc. And if we talk about OTT, it is a huge platform for everyone. And if someone has talent and is at the right time, at the right place, no one can stop that person from doing well. In every way, OTT is way better. My preference has always been OTT. Every character in it comes out well! Even if you’re standing there, your character has significance,” he adds.

Harjinder Singh: My preference has always been OTT

Talking about his struggling period, he shares that it started in 2015 and is still on.

“Now after all the struggles, I’ve got a good role, which I’m going to play in the web series Inspector Avinash. I didn’t go for an audition in Punjab. Luck went in my favor when I reached here in Mumbai. I don’t know where I will be five years from now. But this much I know that I will do well with what is in my hands today with all honesty and sincerity. So the next five years depending on what I am doing today,” he says.

Giving his advice to youngsters who want to become an actor, Harjinder adds that one needs to be strong-willed and stay prepared before starting out.

“It is very dangerous to take advice and give advice. Keep doing what you are doing honestly. Hard Work is very important. People say that luck is very important, but somewhere in the middle, luck shines and if there is a shortage in your hard work, then even luck will not be able to help you,” he ends.
Harjinder Singh: My preference has always been OTT
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