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Aalisha Panwar on Her Dubai Trip 2022

Aalisha Panwar made her first international trip of 2022 to Dubai


Popular actress Aalisha Panwar is currently in Dubai for a week. This is Aalisha’s first international trip of 2022. Speaking about her trip she says, “I love Dubai, the place has some amazing tourist vibes which no one can ignore. This time I have made a few plans like going to the miracle garden, meeting animals. I also want to do some water activities whenever I get some time. This is a work and solo pleasure trip.


 So what all will you buy from Dubai?



Aalisha Panwar says, “Every time I come to Dubai I come with a half-filled bag because I know how much I will shop. My favourites are always Kesar and Itar from here as I believe what you get here is the best. Then there are a few big international brands which you don’t get in India. I will go for that.”

Aalisha Panwar on Her Dubai Trip 2022

Aalisha also shares she loves travelling as she likes the diversity in culture and language whenever we visit a different country.



She adds, “Travelling is so much fun. It allows you to explore different countries and also gives you the scope to meet new people.”


So how is the experience travelling under covid situations?



“I must say I am thoroughly enjoying my time. I have done all the compulsory procedures to be safe and that’s the need of the hour. Covid cases are down and that’s definitely a boost up to travel but with precautions. We should all unanimously follow everything to make the world covid free.”


Aalisha’s latest venture is her short film ‘Ishqiyaat’ which has got a warm response from the audience.

Aalisha Panwar on Her Dubai Trip 2022
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