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That people are binge-watching content online is not news. Thanks to OTT, our viewing habit and exposure to good content worldwide have only made the audience happier. There are so many web series, both national and international in different languages, which are impressing viewers.  At times one is definitely spoilt for choice. Here’s making things a little easier for you and how. Check out what the celebs are watching as they share their recommendation list for you, saying why you should not give these stories a miss. Below are some celebrities that recommend web series you must check out!

Vijayendra Kumeria

“House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths” is one web series on Netflix which I would recommend. It has only three episodes and is based on a true story about what happened in Burari in 2018 when 11 members of a family were found dead. It is a docu-series that goes beyond what we know about this case from media reporting. House of Secrets will make you realize that talking about mental health is very important. The stigma behind mental issues leads to such tragedies.

Kavitta Verma

I love “The Good Doctor”. It’s superbly made and has impeccable performances. It’s a must-watch.

Harshali Zine

“Dark” on Netflix is what I loved.  Insight into time travel and the existence of parallel universes is wonderfully shown in this series in three seasons. How time is not linear, the division of time in the trinity of past, present, and future is an illusion, and everything is happening right now parallelly. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are not consecutive, and they are connected in a never-ending circle.  Everything is connected.

Pranitaa Pandit

I would say “Aarya“, especially in season two, because Sushmita Sen’s acting is mind-blowing portraying a character of a strong woman and I can relate to her as a mother. The way she handles all the situations and her kids are mind-blowing.

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Aman Maheshwari

I recently watched a new series called “Tabbar” on Sony Liv, it has Supriya Pathak and other famous actors. I think it’s beautifully written, has an amazing concept. In fact, I binge-watched the show. It grabs your attention, and you can’t take a break-even for a minute because it’s too binding and the most beautiful part is that it has no adult content which most of the shows these days have. “Tabbar” is a family-oriented show though it has violence and all because it has gunshots and terrorism overall I think it is one of the most beautifully directed web series along with an amazing screenplay, and the climax is fantastic too.

Angad Hasija

I recently watched the web series called “You” on Netflix and loved it. I really didn’t want to watch any thriller type of a series but this is something different. The way it is portrayed is amazing, I completed all the seasons after watching this show. Now I definitely want to play a similar character.

Saanand Verma

I would recommend “Apaharan: Sabka Katega” on Alt Balaji on MX Player. This web series is unbelievable in itself storytelling. The narrative is extremely powerful and it’s very well directed and brilliant performances by all the cast, as Apaharan season two is coming in a month’s time so this would be the right time to watch this. I think that you won’t find any better crime dramas and thrillers on Indian OTT platforms. It is one of the best thrillers ever made on Indian platforms to date in my view. This is an underrated show but it’s a must-watch.

Sham Mashalkar

I would recommend “Special Ops”, it’s fantastic, thriller and beautifully shot. You will be amazed at every scene of this show and won’t be able to take your eyes off. I even was about to do a role in this series but unfortunately because of my dates sadly I was not able to. I would recommend everyone to watch this.

Aditya Deshmukh

I really love “Hostel Days” on Amazon, it’s a tiny web series of four-five episodes, seasons 1 and 2. It is based on a guy, who just enrolled in a hostel, and they show his hostel life. The show is realistic and everyone should watch it. It’s a comedy and too much of the reality of how a hostel life is and how you are treated.
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