Posted on December 10, 2021 at 9:14 am

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Sahil Sharma is Back with His Latest Release, Door

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Sahil Sharma is Back With “Door”

Sahil Sharma, the voice behind Hawa Karda, is all set to make audiences feel the pain of heartbreak and betrayal with his new music video, “Door”. It releases this week on the YouTube channel Koinage Records along with all leading music streaming platforms.

The Music Team

Abhishek Bakhshi is the composer of the song and arranged by Arjit Singh. Additionally, we have writer Deepak Sharma and singer Sahil Sharma.  Aditya Punj directs this lovely melody, which features the cityscapes of Chandigarh.
Evidently, Aditya portrays the story of a couple beautifully as the video narrates the pain of separation. Meanwhile, the guy is still in love waiting for her to come back.
The song captures the story of two lovers where one of them leaves to follow her dreams and the other promises to wait for her. Will she return to his life as he waits for her or will she move on? You need to watch the video to know what awaits him.

Sahil In His Own Words

“True love is where you help each other grow, even if it means letting that person go. Door is a track that explores that side of love. Its lyrics are even like, ‘Door Hokar Bhi Kitne Pass Ho Tum’, signifying how important that person is and will be. It is an emotional song and I hope the audience will feel the same emotional connection with it as I did”, said Sahil Sharma.
Sahil Sharma came in limelight with his tracks Hawa Karda, Bach Bach, Khamoshi’, ‘Nede Nede’, ‘Adatan’, ‘Goa Love’, ‘Rang Rasiya’, which are still hummed and loved by people. He has performed in more than 500 shows around the globe and has won the hearts of millions of fans with his band, Sahil Syndicate.
Door marks his fourth collaboration with Music Label, Koinage Records. His other tracks with them were ‘Ik Ik Pal, Hawa Karda, and Bach Bach. Even Hawa Karda, opposite Titliyan Singer, Afsana Khan went on to cross more than 5 million views in just a few days.
Sahil sharma door
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