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Happy New Year: Celebs reveal New Years Plans

Celebs reveal how they plan to welcome 2022, and their New Year resolution

As we look forward to newness, adventure, and start over a new chapter in our lives in 2022, we also look back at the times gone by. The last year has been a roller coaster ride and we are hopeful that the next will be much better. And the one thing that everyone is hoping and praying for is the end of this devastating pandemic. Staying positive and strong is the mantra for 2022, according to celebrities. They talk about their plans for New Year’s Eve, how they want to welcome 2022, and also share their New Year’s resolution.

Perneet Chauhan

I want to spend time with friends and family, cherish moments with people I love, stay home and stay safe. I want to welcome 2022 with “transformation” and celebrate new beginnings. And I plan to be happy and positive next year no matter what. To do everything that brings me peace and joy. I want to work and travel a lot.

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Nyrraa M Banerji

Well, as always I am going to be with my family on New Year’s Eve, celebrating.  We usually have a family lunch, and I also dine out with friends and then come back home on January 1, I want to wake up greeting my family. I have never really been out of the city or home during the 31st. Even if I have, I make sure on the 1st morning my mom wakes me up. I am thankful for all the good things and bad things that have happened throughout the year and I want to write down my wishes on the first day of next year and start working on them. This time my resolution is to work harder, do a variety of roles and I also want to mentally prepare myself for love.

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Salim Diwan

My plan is to enjoy New Year’s Eve with my close friends at my farmhouse with lots of chit-chats and delicious food. Although I am very busy with my shootings and all, I want to enjoy the time with my loved ones and be happy. I want to welcome 2022 in a good and healthy way. As I am very health conscious, I will focus more and more on my gyming, exercise, and doing lots of work. My New Year’s resolution is to keep peace and prosperity, health and spread love, and help those in need.

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Somy Ali

On the 31st, my only day off, I am typically in bed by 10 pm. With prayers that No More Tears (her Miami-based NGO) is able to save many more lives. To save more lives and create a larger reach for NMT where we can save victims in many other states aside from just South of Florida is my New Year resolution.

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Ssumier Pasricha

No new year plans, no party this year as I lost my grandmother, so I will be with my mom at home chilling. Plus the Delhi government has banned New Year’s parties, so the maximum I’ll have is one or two friends at home, we will have a bonfire and chill out. New Year is just another day for me and I am glad that 2021 ending on a happy note for me. My film Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui has got good reviews and my work got appreciated. I hope 2022 will be more positive and better for me and my family. And I also hope the world becomes mask-free soon.

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Aly Goni

Jasmin and I were planning to go to London to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year, but because of the omicron variant and rising number of cases, we have canceled our plan. Now we will be going to Dubai for New Year. Our very close friends live there and celebrate with them. And as for Christmas, we all were in Mumbai and had a small get-together with our friends here.

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Nidarshana Gowani

For New Year, I will be out of town but not out of the country due to Covid restrictions. I will be in Kashmir and then in Himachal Pradesh. I want to welcome the New Year in peace amid nature. My resolution for 2022 is to help more people, be positive and be happy.

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Harshali Zine

l live a very unconventional and very disciplined life. I feel self-discipline is the highest form of self-love. On the 31st evening, I’m going to eat the healthiest dinner, meditate and sleep early so that I’m up and about all charged up to welcome the New Year. I’m already getting positive vibes from 2022. I will wake up before sunrise, go to the beach if it’s allowed and welcome the New Year’s sun and meditate. If going to the beach is prohibited I’ll do the same in my society garden. I really don’t wait for New Year to make resolutions.  I set small goals almost every night for the next day and make sure I attain them to my fullest with ease and grace. And I’ll continue doing this all my life. Taking one day at a time keeps me calm and at peace. No matter what, I won’t compromise on my peace of mind and well-being to attain a goal. I follow this trinity of letting go, being in the flow, and going with the flow. I’m just going to continue enjoying life to the fullest.

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