Posted on September 28, 2021 at 1:07 pm

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Prateik Chaudhary Talks About His New Show “Sindoor Ki Keemat”

Prateik Chaudhary
“Paramavatar Shri Krishna” actor Prateik Chaudhary has opened about his role in the new show “Sindoor Ki Keemat”.
“I am playing the character of Ashwin Awasthi. He’s the parallel lead of the show. Ashwin Awasthi is the younger son of Awasthi family. He shares a very good bond with his big brother Arjun and his family. He is the Laxman to Arjun (his big brother) and Mishri (his bhabhi). Despite knowing that Arjun is not his blood or an adopted brother, he can live for Arjun and Mishri and can die for them. Ashwin helps his father in family business, but he is not as successful as Arjun and happily lives under the shadow of his big brother. The entire Awasthi khandan also loves him and pampers him like a kid,” he said.
Prateik Chaudhary
His first daily soap was “Paramavatar Shri Krishna” on &TV, followed by episodic and web shows.  “I keep doing episodic shows and web shows, but a daily soap, that too with very good makers of the Indian television industry, 4 Lions Films, I am doing it for the first time,” said the actor.
He doesn’t follow television shows much, but he thinks that the Dangal channel is doing very well.  “I can see good content based on women empowerment. And I am not been biased here because am doing this show but am already liking my show “Sindoor Ki Keemat” a lot. I mean I can feel it while I am shooting. You can say it’s already my favorite show not because am doing this show but content and makers and cast, everything is just perfect. And am sure audiences will love it too,” said Prateik.
Talking about trends he noticed on TV, he shared, “Earlier, they used to do more content on women empowerment, family drama, religion shows, historical shows, but now I can see more of sci-fi and reality shows which are actually doing good.”
Prateik Chaudhary
He feels that looks are very important if you are playing a particular role where the character demands otherwise, they are not that important. “They are just bonus,” he said. If he had to choose between looks and talent, he said, “Talent, without a doubt. By looks, you can reach the basic level, but if you want to crack the audition and also want to reach the top, it’s only your talent, craft, hard work, consistency, patience and sacrifice that matter.”
He also wants to participate in Bigg Boss.  “The only reality show I would love to do if I ever get the opportunity is Bigg Boss, only because of Salman Khan,” he said about the show hosted by the superstar.
As of now, his career goal is to do good projects with good makers and teams, and entertain audiences as much as possible and make some space in audiences’ hearts.
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