Posted on August 14, 2021 at 8:11 pm

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Your Checklist for a Safe Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding is a difficult problem for anyone who experiences it. This is a disorder or an anxiety issue where one may not easily get rid of items that they no longer have use for in their homes. Many people who have the problem do not actually accept they have a hoarding problem. The possessions of these items may actually take over someone’s life. This may even make your living area unsafe. That’s why you need hoarding cleanup services like

Y our Checklist for a Safe Hoarding Cleanup

Many people have clutter in their homes that they like to hang onto for more than necessary. This may lead to bio-hazardous situations in the home. People get attached to old items with the thought that they will need them someday in the future. Hence, they do not see the need of getting rid of the item. To hoarders, everything is always important and worth keeping.

Hoarders tend to collect items that people see as worthless. For example, old newspapers, toys, old clothes, and even furniture. If you are a hoarder or are trying to help one who has the situation, then the first step is to first admit that you have the problem. After taking that step, then you can now prepare on how to handle the situation. The following are some of the to-do things and also a checklist that will guide you in the process of cleanup.

Assess Situation

The main concern with hoarding is that the person keeps everything and doesn’t want to get rid of them. This is because they consider everything valuable. They end up with the same items in the house. This then leads to hoarding. The first step to hoarding cleanup is separating the items. In this case, you have to choose the items to keep and dispose of the rest.

The rest of the items without value should go to the trash bin. In most cases, before you start a hoarding clean-up, you have to ensure that you observe your safety because a house that’s hoarded is normally hazardous and dangerous. Your safety comes first. You have to know what items are in the hoarded area to ensure the cleaning process is safe.

Create a Schedule

Y our Checklist for a Safe Hoarding Cleanup

Figuring out a schedule is very important. This helps you to work towards a target and it will give you the feeling that some work is getting done. Creating a schedule should be done after assessing the situation. Setting a target date helps you to realize that it is not an open-ended project. You have to work within the given period.

Plan for the Hoarding Cleanup Exercise

Now that everything is in order, it is now time to plan for your cleanup process. It is important to know that if the hoarded items are large and too many, you can consider the professional services of a cleaning company. However, you can decide to do the cleanup process by yourself or with the help of a friend. It is necessary that you be actively involved in this process. Pre-planning for this cleanup process helps you determine what items you will throw out, donate and also keep.

Cleaning Supplies and Tools

It is important that you consider bringing enough cleaning supplies to your home before you start the process. The following are a few of the important supplies that you will require; heavy-duty trash bags, buckets, and mops cleaning rugs and sponges, vacuum cleaners, empty boxes to pack up the hoarded materials for disposal, pest repellants, and disinfectants. You might also need tools like a ladder, staples, and a couple of hand tools.

Y our Checklist for a Safe Hoarding Cleanup


During a hoarding cleanup, your safety is the first priority before you get into that pile of hoarded items. You should wear your dust masks, goggles, and disposable gloves. This is to protect you from insects and parasites. If there is any presence of mold in the house, then use a vacuum cleaner and also wear a cleaning hat before you start the cleanup.

Gather Documents

In the process of cleaning up your hoarded room, you will realize that there are important documents in the pile and you do not want to get rid of them. It is important to create a separate plan on how you are going to handle your confidential documents without showing them to anyone else. You can set aside a plastic bin to keep every personal document and mail.

Prepare Staging Area

Secure a safe place for storage for the items you are going to remove from the hoarded area during your hoarding cleanup process. It is better if it is a shade to protect your items from damages from the sun or rain.

Start Small

Start your hoarding cleanup process with the smallest rooms in the house like the kitchen or bathroom. Such rooms are normally not cleaned or sanitized by the hoarder and that’s why it is necessary to start with them to make the cleanup process easy. Then gradually move to the other rooms.

Final Thoughts On Safe Hoarding Cleanup Checklist

If you are a hoarder or are looking forward to helping your hoarding friends, then the above checklist is the absolute guide to ensure you have a safe hoarding cleanup.







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