Posted on August 4, 2021 at 10:27 am

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Director Chand Mohammad’s ‘Paatr’ make waves with it’s twisted storyline

Director Chand Mohammad has been in the news for his freshly released film, Paatr starring Sahil Anand, and is riding high on the success of the psychological thriller.

Director Chand Mohammad’s 'Paatr' starring Sahil Anand make waves with it’s twisted storyline
Director Chand Mohammad’s ‘Paatr’ starring Sahil Anand make waves with it’s twisted storyline

Chand has clearly put in a lot of effort into the short film, and has the audience at the edge of it’s seat. Until the very end of the film.

Talking about the film, the talented director says,

“The idea of Paatr is very global. I was very convinced by Sahil’s acting capabilities, and we got started with the workshop. We met many days before we started shooting. Shooting was amazing, and I’m excited to how the audience will receive it”. The director even talks about how he has even observed that a good lot of audience found it difficult. To gage the plot and the story, and that they may have to watch it maybe another time. While a lot of films have a deep mystery to them, but Paatr is one of the films that not just keeps the mystery element alive till the end. But also leaves one with a sea of thoughts to ponderDirectorupon about an actor’s life in general.

The film shows how the character, an actor naed Veer Singh develops a false identity. Which he believes to be his real identity, and how his mind plays tricks on him that test his sanity.

Chand Mohammad’s Paatr has given rise to questions about what an actor’s life really is like, and shows the not-so-glamourous side of the showbiz.

The award-wining filmmaker even made films like Mehsoos. It is one the Silver Film of the Year award at Asia’s largest filmmaking challenge, India Film Project 2019.

The film was released on YouTube’s Pocket Films, and will soon be releasing on Hotstar. The film is being appreciated widely, and has left the audience impressed.

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