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What To Know About The American Bulldog

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The American Bulldog has first popularized in the 1980s thanks to the film Homeward Bound. Its fame has soared since then, which is not really a good thing. Trash-talking breeders rely on ignorant consumers by using flashy advertisements, promoting dogs of doubtful origin as purebreds, failing to assess personality types before breeding, and failing to verify hips.

As a result, this is a difficult breed to obtain. Several American Bulldog clubs compete for control of the breed’s future, with politics and controversy aplenty. Check credentials, double-verify what you’re told, stop paying exorbitant rates, and check the pedigree for temperament titles (BST, ATT) and obedience championships.

The strong American Bulldog is powerful, tenacious, determined, and self-assured. Active people who want to improve their dog’s athletic ability in heavy pulling, intelligence, speed, hunting, agricultural labor, or Schutzhund are the greatest owners. It needs intensive activity to keep fit and happy, despite his calm and self-assured demeanor.

Its demeanor toward strangers ranges from friendly to hostile, and even the nice ones act as watchdogs. Early socialization is essential for the development of a stable and discriminating temperament. The American Bulldog is devoted to its family and can become aggressive if left alone for an extended period.

What To Know About The American Bulldog
What To Know About The American Bulldog

Dog aggressiveness is a concern as well; thus, it should be socialized with some other dogs from a young age. Cats, as well. Though stubborn, it is quick to learn and will admire an owner who’s really confident and steady. It’s safe to say that any breed you acquire from a young age can be trained into an obedient dog. 

Due to the extreme public’s and media’s bias toward any breed that looks like a “pit bull,” American Bulldogs must be maintained on a leash out of their home and coached in at least a rudimentary obedience. Learn more about it on this link

There are plenty of other things you should know about this particular breed. Here are some of them: 


The American Bulldog is bigger than the French and English Bulldogs. By the time they reach adulthood, cute American Bulldog pups will stand 20 to 28 inches tall and weigh 60 to 120 pounds. Despite the fact that these measurements are considered normal for the breed, they can be much bigger or smaller.


American Bulldogs are amiable, clever, and loving dogs. However, they can be possessive and distrustful of strangers because of their affectionate nature. This makes them wonderful family pets and watchdogs, including for homes with youngsters. Still, they will require socialization lessons, particularly as puppies, to be kind to strangers and other dogs. Fortunately, their intelligence allows them to be extremely adaptive and trainable.

The American Bulldog is an energetic breed with high activity requirements. They thrive in households that can keep them busy with frequent walks and playtime. They aren’t the ideal breed to keep in apartments or tight settings where they can’t get enough exercise. They might become disruptive and chew on items they aren’t intended to chew on if they’re not physically or cognitively active. Click here to find out more. 


With a lifespan of 10 to 16 years, the American Bulldog is a typically healthy dog. Certain medical disorders, including cataracts, mange, and hypothyroidism, are prone in some pets. They might experience hip or elbow dysplasia if they are obese early in life.

The breed is brachycephalic, which means it has a short snout. It may make it harder for them to withstand hot weather, particularly when exercising. It’s necessary to make sure they receive sufficient water and to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re not having trouble breathing.

The majority of the care required for an American Bulldog’s health is addressing their demands for mental stimulation and exercise. If you don’t, you’ll experience worry, boredom, and harmful conduct. The rest is very standard as long as those requirements are met.

Maintain regular vet visits, biweekly ear checks, monthly nail cutting, and routine dental care. One concern you may encounter is the possibility of drooling, which is frequent in bully breeds. If you don’t want a lot of drool all over your house, make sure to clean your dog down as needed.


A meal for an american bulldog must be designed for a big to gigantic breed, with their high energy level taken into account. From babyhood to maturity, their requirements will shift.

It’s recommended to consult your vet or a qualified nutritionist for information on your dog’s individual nutritional needs. You should talk to them about how to put together an acceptable diet for your dog.


American Bulldogs are available in a variety of hues. They are typically white with brindle, crimson, or brown spots, but there are now many more color variants in the breed. They can have markings that are black, crimson, brindle, brownish, or fawn in color.

The snout and eye rims of American Bulldogs are normally black; however, they could also have pink hues. Their eyes are usually dark in color. Despite the fact that these are breed criteria, some American Bulldogs have also been observed to be merle or have blue-hued coats.

American Bulldogs have a short coat that can shed throughout the entire year. But, they usually don’t need much care. Make sure to bathe your dog and brush it once a week to maintain its coat.

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