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Naman Gor – ‘I want to play all kind of characters.’

In conversation with Naman Gor

Naman Gor

Naman Gor, does the name sound familiar? Of course, it does! I am referring to the talented actor currently starring on Star Plus’s popular show Shaadi Mubarak as Arjun Tibrewal. As an avid viewer of Shaadi Mubarak, I was certainly impressed by Naman’s performances and thus wanted to know about his journey, career aspirations and the guy behind playing Arjun. Whilst discussing his journey Naman reveals his reasons in choosing a career in acting,

“I come from a family with very high-profile academic careers. Doctors, Engineers so to speak. But all of us have a creative side to us which had always remained just that, a hobby. My father is an Engineer with ONGC, but acting has been his hobby and he used to do plays whenever he had time. I too acted a little bit when I was a child, but it was a one-off thing. Although I was always inclined towards the creative field, it never seemed like it was possible to make a career out of it. But when my sister decided to take the plunge & boldly so, making all of us proud with everything she has achieved, it gave me that push & inspired me to pursue my hobby & make it my career choice.”

Intrigued by his response I wanted to know whether there were any preparations that he had to undergo to get into the skin of Arjun. To which Naman responded,

“Arjun as a character is very different from who I am in real life. So, the first thing I had to do was to get into the skin of the character, adapt the traits he has, learn to think like a teenager all over again & convince myself of everything he does and says, so that I can be convincing to the audience. That was a very important process. Rest, of course, the guidelines of my directors and creatives really helped and the costumes too, the look helped me feel and become Arjun visually, from top to bottom.”

Probing the actor further, I decided to ask what has been his favourite and/or challenging scene(s) to shoot on Shaadi Mubarak? To which Naman responded,

“So, we shot a big, high voltage drama sequence where Barkha’s character Nandini tries to marry KT (Manav Gohil) which had the whole cast. Now, this being my first show and my first week of shoot, I was certainly a nervous wreck and because we had a huge scene which was high on emotions & intense performances. But more than that, the most challenging part was the technical aspect of it. It was challenging because It was my very first week of shoot & I was still unclear of coming up to the mark that was given to me, peripherally being aware of the multi-camera set-up, to making sure I catch adequate light and do all that while saying my dialogues, without fumbling, since I was working with such senior, amazing actors like Manav Gohil, Barkha Sengupta, Rati Pandey, Dollyji who have been in the industry since decades now. I was shitting bricks, but everyone was so encouraging and supportive that it turned out to be a super fun shoot as well as a great learning experience.

Shaadi Mubarak places an emphasis on the relationship dynamics within the family structure, a core value amongst many of the shows on Indian Television. Asking Naman about the dynamics he shares with the actors off-screen, he responds, “It’s amazing! I could have never imagined it to be this good. Everyone has been so sweet and welcoming. We all are super close and we actually do sit and eat together every day. It’s a super fun set to be on because of the closeness and bond we share. It is genuinely like a big family. I couldn’t have handpicked a better set of co-actors myself and I am saying this without any exaggeration.”

Besides Shaadi Mubarak, I asked Naman what kind of roles would he like to play in the future? To which he responded, “Well, I have just begun. So, I have a long list. I want to play all kind of characters. The hero, the anti-hero, the underdog, especially the characters that are closer to real-life versions of people around us and I want to explore every genre. No restrictions and I’m super psyched to explore all of it in future.”

As my aim was to bring the guy behind Arjun to the front, I decided to ask the fellow actor what does he enjoy doing in his free time. To which he responded, “I am a home-bird. My idea of enjoyment is to be home, listen to some good music, watch some great content and just relax. If I am not doing that, I do indulge in sports. I love playing football which I try to play at least 2 times a week.”

In closing the interview, I asked Naman whether he has any messages for his fans. To which he responded, “I receive a lot of messages from so many people across the country. It is both humbling and overwhelming to receive so much love and appreciation. It is all very new for me and I am very grateful for every single person who has sent messages, wishes and appreciations. All I can say is keep the love coming. I promise to do my best always and keep them entertained. It is because of the audience that I am here. Thank you so much.”

Well, there you have it folks that is Naman Gor in an exclusive conversation with Urban Asian.

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