Posted on February 23, 2021 at 7:26 pm


5 ways our Earth can go more green! (Environmental Article)

Over the past years, climate change has been a big attentive problem going on from history to our GenZ. Our world has been suffering through many acts of environmental damage such as raging wildfires, deforestation, large exposing to greenhouse gases, and many more disasters. As members of mother earth, our job as citizens is to help keep our planet greener and cleaner by expressing through the following acts I will list below.


1. Don’t wastewater

Wasting water is a big factor that affects the upwelling of climate change. Accordingly, please turn the water off when you’re brushing your teeth, washinhealthyg dishes, don’t take very long showers.


2. Start relying on renewable energy

Relying on renewable energy will bring an abrupt change in society through the act of maintaining and improving the health of Mother Earth. Instead of burning fossil fuels for electricity, rely on solar panels. Adding on, instead of the use of burning coal which produces greenhouse gases, use windmills for the free use of wind energy in large agricultural fields. 


3. Save Our Trees

Trees provide the oxygen all living things require to live. Therefore, humans should avoid cutting trees (deforestation) since it lessens the amount of desired oxygen in the atmosphere, plus it also results in habitual destruction of many animals such as orangutans, bird species, sloths, tree frogs, squirrels, and much more tree animals.


4. Consume an environmentally friendly diet-

Avoid eating too many animal products and instead try to go plant-based since the lesser population of animals can lead up to higher exposing of methane that causes climate danger. Also, try and eat more organic food (pesticide-free) as some pesticidal chemicals can cause dangers to plants which can contaminate the oxygen in the atmosphere that leads up to global warming.


5. Start to advocate for a healthy environment

Signing petitions, creating friendly protests, consuming a plant-based diet, are all some happy examples to advocate for yourself and others for a safe and healthy environment! Moreover, try taking action through your social media as it would encourage influence others to begin acting for a cleaner and greener society.


Taking time in your daily lives in order to incorporate these 5 tips to help with the environment, will efficiently reduce the uplifting and rising of climate change that could strictly occur by the year 2050. Climate change is inevitable so if our human population can avoid it by potentially doing these tips, our world can be healthy and green.

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