Posted on January 26, 2021 at 4:17 am

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Could Bollywood Films and Stars Appear on Casino Games in the Future?

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The casino industry is big in many countries around the world and one that is on the rise is India. Although the gambling laws in India are a little vague at the moment, online casino gaming in the country continues to grow.

Should the laws change in the future and allow legal gambling across the entire country, there is no doubt that some of the biggest names in casino gaming and bookmaking are going to push to attract Indian players.

We have already seen this to a certain extent, with real money Teen Patti available, a hugely popular game amongst Indian people and something that those from the country would be looking to play online.

But what is the next step? The casino industry could be in for an influx of stars if those within the industry really want to push for more Indian players.

Licensed & Themed Slot Games

If you look at the casino industry around the world, you will see that games have been created with the specific intention of attracting new, non-casino players to sign up and play. For example, we have a lot of casino games based around sport, with companies hoping that sports gamblers will change from that to casino gaming.

Another area that casinos are looking towards is the TV & Film industry. Big blockbuster films and some of the most critically acclaimed TV shows, such as Game of Thrones, feature on licensed slot games.

Fans of the shows and films that feature on these will see them when they are looking for games to play, and casinos hope that this is enough to convince them to sign up and play.

If you are specifically looking to attract Indian players, then regular TV and films may not be enough. Companies may need to move into Bollywood to make this work, putting together a number of licensed casino games that feature Bollywood stars and the films they are in.

The latest Bollywood news is full of big names who have a huge influence over Indian people. If one of these was to license a slot game, that would almost certainly attract interest from players in the country, even if the interest from elsewhere was very limited.

However, as we have seen in the past, the casino industry is prepared to focus on small niche markets, even though it is a worldwide industry, and would see India as that.

As things stand at the moment, if an Indian casino gamer wants to play something close to their heart then the options are Teen Patti or Andar Bahar, with little else out there. Slot gaming could be where we see a change in the future, with Bollywood making an appearance, or potentially something such as an IPL cricket slot, to attract cricket fans.

Changes to the gambling laws in India would probably be needed before this happens, but if that comes, look for casino game developers to really target India with the games they release.

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