Posted on November 24, 2020 at 12:02 am

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Top slot games developers in 2020

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Isn’t it funny to think that only a couple of decades ago the online slot industry was only just being born, with literally a handful of gambling software developer studios creating games. Nowadays there are countless developer companies that have sprung up, all trying to get in on the action – unsurprisingly considering how much money is there to be made from people and their gambling habits.

For us avid slot gamblers this has been a pretty good thing overall, as more developers means more games, and this on the whole results in a myriad of consistently excellent online slot titles coming out these days. However, there is one drawback, and that is that it can get increasingly difficult to avoid the games made by developers who really are not worth their salt. For this reason we have put together a list of top slot game developers to look out for in 2020 – play now at mega reel.


NetEnt have been at the top of the online slot industry pile since its very beginnings, earning a solid reputation for consistently creating top of the range games that can come under a range of different themes. The company is based in Sweden, and is responsible for some of the most popular online slots to ever hit the industry.

Just take games such as Starburst, for example, a slot with incredibly HD graphics and an innovative cluster pay system that is a refreshing burst of fresh air in an online slot industry that can suffer from being a bit samey. If you cannot decide on a game to play, NetEnt are certainly a provider you can trust.


Yggdrasil is another Scandinavian online slot developer company that are recognized as being in the elite band of developers right now. In fact, the ex-CEO of NetEnt is actually the founder of Yggdrasil, so there is absolutely no surprise that this relatively new company – started in 2013 – has quickly risen to become many slot gamblers’ favorite.

Their games are characterized by genuinely top of the range graphics, and a wide array of pretty bonkers themes. Just take Vikings Go To Hell, for example, a game in which we find a band of Vikings on a voyage to the fiery underworld. It is as exciting as it sounds!


Alongside NetEnt and Eyecon Microgaming are the oldest online slot developers to still be ruling the roost in 2020, a position that have earned as a result of a constant stream of classic online slots that have enthralled many different types of gamblers.

One of the biggest selling points that Microgaming has when compared to any other company is its Progressive Jackpot Network, something that regularly pays out over a million pounds.


Eyecon are an Australian developer that are widely acknowledged as being responsible for the world’s first genuinely commercially viable online slot game called Temple Of Isis. Ever since then they have become synonymous with incredible online slots like the world famous Fluffy Favourites series. 

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