Posted on October 22, 2020 at 3:30 pm

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New Rapid 90-Minute Covid-19 Test Shown To Be Highly Accurate

Researchers have created a 90-minute high speed COVID-19 test. Which does not require a laboratory and can be performed. It is in cartridges smaller than a mobile phone with high accuracy.

New rapid 90-minute COVID-19 test shown to be highly accurate

The study, published in the journal The Lancet Microbe, revealed that the Lab-in-Cartridge rapid testing device.

It means that it had a high level of accuracy and produced very few false negatives and no false positives.

A paediatric-sized nose swab from a patient is inserted into the device to perform the test. Testing which delivers a result in 24 hours.

“These results suggest the test, which can be performed at a patient’s bedside without the need to handle any sample material. It has comparable accuracy to standard laboratory testing,” said study researcher Graham Cooke from the Kings College London in the UK.

280 NHS staff members with suspected COVID-19. 15 patients in accident & emergency department with suspected COVID-19, and 91 hospital in-patients. The research team assessed sensitivity and specificity.

Sensitivity is a measure of how well a test gives a positive result for people who have disease. And is an indication of how likely a test will produce false negative results. To give a negative result for people who don’t have the disease. And is an indication of the likelihood of false positive results.

The percentage of those found to be positive for COVID-19 was 18 per cent.

The results showed 67 samples tested positive on the COVID Nudge test. Compared with 71 positive results against a range of standard laboratory machines, which represents the value of 94 per cent sensitivity.

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