Posted on October 9, 2020 at 11:00 am

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Balraj Syal Gets Inked Again: Watch Now

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Balraj has quite a penchant for tattoos and after getting himself inked earlier this year, he has got himself tattooed on his forearms this time round.
Balraj Syal Gets Inked Again

Balraj Syal had previously got a tattoo of a man sitting on the globe which reflected his passion for travelling. This time though, he has tattooed his mother and aunt. The one who is a mother figure to him, portrait on his right forearms.

Balraj got his first tattoo in January says a source close to the actor,

“Balraj got his first tattoo which reflected his love for travel and this one too is extremely close to his heart. For him, a tattoo is more than just a getting inked, its about things in life that truly matter to him”

Reiterating the thought, Balraj says,

“I really enjoyed the process after my first experience. I want to ink things that matter most to me in life. My mother and my aunt have both been extremely important figures in my life and have moulded me into the person I am today. This is just my way of having them with me at all times.”

On work front, Balraj and his wife Deepti Tuli will be releasing their first single together titled ‘Maahi’ on October 12. And video of the song will be their wedding footage. It will release on ‘Realise Music’.

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