Posted on September 7, 2020 at 7:15 am

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Dharinee And Nikhita Bhatt Young Generation In Business

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Dharinee And Nikhita Bhatt Young Generation In Business

Dharinee And Nikhita Bhatt Young Generation In Business

The Bhatt sisters, Dharinee and Nikhita, are often spotted impeccably dressed at glamorous events in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. But there is more to them than what meets the eye. With a keen eye and modest yet confident demeanor, these two young women entrepreneurs can immediately make their presence felt in a room full of people. Channelizing new perspectives and understanding of the current worldly scenarios, Dharinee and Nikhita, are proving themselves every day as the young generation to the home-grown Bhatt Group of Companies and a living breathing example that entrepreneurship runs in the family. The Bhatt Group of Companies comprises five companies with offices around the world with its headquarter in Vancouver, BC.

The Bhatt’s are not the most conventional business family one would ever imagine. Instead of raising their daughters with a silver spoon, both Haresh and Hema ensured that the kids value the importance of working hard. At an early age, Dharinee and Nikhita were made to do menial chores at the office such as cleaning the office including toilets and this became a way for them to earn pocket money. The idea was to familiarize the girls with the working culture at Natu’oil, working from the bottom up aided in order to make an informed decision whether they want to take the family business forward or do something on their own.

Dharinee, 28, holds a degree in Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University. She single-handedly spearheads four companies across the globe under a holding company as a Director. She is also the Vice President of Natu’oil Services Inc. the primary brand of The Bhatt Group of Companies. As a businesswoman, Dharinee is known for her critical thinking and decision-making abilities. She is a great strategist, a leader, and most of all a great team player. She is an avid follower of sports and is passionate about tennis, dancing, and track to name a few, she also credits her success and works ethics to team sports. “I believe sports teach teamwork and discipline, both of which are crucial in running a successful business.”, she says.

Her modest personality, ‘never give up’ attitude and extraordinary business acumen led her to receive the Top to Watch – Young Professionals award from the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce in the year 2019.

“I have been fortunate enough to learn the ropes of the industry at a very young age so I’m able to thrive and grow, despite being in a male-dominated industry. I wish to do the same for other young professionals in the world just how my parents did for me. This company is a culmination of my parents’ hard work and sacrifices and I hope that I’m able to carry forward their legacy with the same ethics, values, and passion.”

says Dharinee.

Apart from being an accomplished businesswoman, she is also the titleholder of Miss World Canada Finalist 2015 and has participated in numerous modeling and Ad campaigns.

The younger sister Nikhita, 24, is like a breath of fresh air for the Bhatt Group of Companies for she is the youngest employee in the organization. At a very young age, Nikhita has garnered quite a hands-on experience. She holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University, during which she spent 6 months at the University of Singapore where she studied finance and international business development. Nikhita is passionate about sustainability, data analytics, and project management, “These passions have largely contributed to my personal and professional growth”, she says, “I feel that self-development and awareness are very important to increase one’s emotional intelligence.”, she adds.

Her compassion for nature and enthusiasm for promoting sustainability has not gone unnoticed. She was the first regional entrepreneurship finalist for Western Canada and a presentation coach for a team that won first place in the Entrepreneurship category at the 2018 Enactus regional exposition.

A natural-born leader, Nikhita is honing her management skills within the Bhatt Group of Companies and she credits all her accomplishments to her and her parents’ humble beginnings. “I started working at Natu’oil as a janitor when I was 12 and I hope to one day lead Natu’oil in becoming the largest oils and fats company in North America”, she proudly says.

She can also be spotted volunteering her time in the community and has already contributed over a thousand hours at multiple organizations through community programs and partnerships. Nikhita also enjoys sports much like her sister and has taken part in various forms of dance including Bollywood and Hip-Hop.

Taking after their parents, both Dharinee and Nikhita are self-motivated personalities who are set to make a mark for themselves in the world of business. They did have a guiding light in the form of their parents supporting them at every step but the resilience and modesty that runs in the family have earned these girls their own individual glory.

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