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#ExclusiveInterview: Karanvir Malhotra: “WHAT ARE THE ODDS? is my First Film Everything about it is memorable!”

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What Are the Odds? A Whimsical Outlandish Take on Modern Day Troubles Starring Newcomer Karanvir Malhotra!



What are the odds that the world would be stuck in a weird warp?

We counted into twenty-twenty with great vigor and pomp, a new decade and a fresh start. Little did we know that the world would turn into a reign of tragic uncertainty. We seem to be stuck in an element of unrest. Mankind has been sent home for what feels like eons on end and the once busy bees are now devoted to television and cuisine critiquing. We’re all stuck in a fishbowl looking at a heavily distorted reality. Some of us are enjoying our stay at home orders while others are seething with despair. Whatever your situation may be, a good movie always makes the world a little brighter. Karanvir indeed makes us swoon in his first movie What Are The Odds?

It’s a special feeling. Not just being a part of a Netflix film but acting as a whole because no one in or around my family has even thought of it as a career! – Karanvir Malhotra

In the midst of a fairly gloomy year there is a film that is bound to put a smile across your face. The film, aptly titled WHAT ARE THE ODDS? stars newcomer Karanvir Malhotra as Ashwin, Yashaswini Dayama as Vivek, Priya Bose as Paloma and the one and only Abhay Deol as Val. Yashaswini and Karanvir lead the way in this whimsical comic, depicting the trials and tribulations of being a teenager in the 21st century having to deal with the challenges of fitting in and parental issues (let’s face it we’ve all been there!). I’d hate to give away the essence and beauty of a movie which has been so uniquely constructed in the most unconventional and outlandish way possible.

It is challenging. Being an outsider, one has many other challenges aside from the acting and work part of it. But I look at the situation how an entrepreneur would. – Karanvir Malhotra

Personally, I loved the creative stance What are the Odds? has taken Megha Ramaswamy’s directorial approach was perfect her and vision spoke volumes visually. The film is bold and uncanny. What Are The Odds? is subtle way to portray complex emotional issues faced by the youth that are coming of age in a harsh and sour reality. What are the odds? chases the down the need for the youth wanting to fit in. Whether we fit in by breaking the rules or fit in by following it, the odds are we fall into the category of Vivek or the category of Ashwin (Karanvir Malhotra).

What are the Odds? targets emotional insecurities in the most amusing and quirkiest way possible. The film is a great laugh for the entire family, from Bunty the talking goldfish, Vivek the racoon rebel, Ashwin the poster-boy, Paloma the weird scientist, Dadhi and Rimpu the Dramebaazi fanatics and Val the almost Rockstar. All these bizarre characters come together to create a phenomenal story that’s to be enjoyed by the entire family. Stream what are odds? now on Netflix. This quirky conundrum is produced by none other than FilmKarvaan in association with Abhay Deol and directed by the one and only Megha Ramaswamy, the mother of the ODD SQUAD

Karanvir Malhotra is a newcomer to the industry but is quickly making a name for himself. Staring in the hit Netflix series Selection Day and Kabir Khan’s The forgotten Army. He’s working his way up the ladder and has already shared screen space with some noteable names in Bollywood like Abhay Deol, Shiv Pundit and Sanjay Kapoor. Not too shabby for someone who comes from humble beginnings.

Karanvir Malhotra Talks Exclusively with Urban Asian


What does it feel like to be staring in a Netflix Film?

It’s a special feeling. Not just being a part of a Netflix film but acting as a whole because no one in or around my family has even thought of it as a career! I come from a middle-class family. My mother was a teacher earlier but now works in the healthcare industry, my father drives a bus and I’m proud of parents for being fearless and strong in the decisions they’ve made in their lives. I think those traits have been passed on to me too, hence it’s an amazing feeling doing something that is still unthinkable for many.

What did your family and friends think about the movie?

They loved it! Everyone liked some aspect of the film if not the whole, for example the music, acting, art direction etc. I don’t have my friends so the ones that I do have are very honest and blunt, so their opinion is quite unbiased.

I would want my fans to know that I am extremely happy and extremely thankful to all of them, for giving me so much love after selection day. It’s very overwhelming. I’m on cloud nine. – Karanvir Malhotra for Urban Asian, 2019

What was your most embarrassing moment while shooting What Are The Odds?

Haha there are many! But the one that’s at the top of my head is when I had to be a little romantic with Paloma, I had to collect the bike key from her. I was nervous then and everyone on set was coaching me on how to go about it! But eventually in the scene I just instinctively kissed her hand and called her “My Lady” and everyone loved it!

Being an artist is tough. How do you cope with the challenges that present its-self

It is challenging. Being an outsider, one has many other challenges aside from the acting and work part of it. But I look at the situation how an entrepreneur would. You meet many potential investors and financiers as a businessman to get your venture rolling but only a few end up investing in your dream. I take the rejections and mishaps as a part of the process and I make sure I’m always moving forward even if it’s as slow as slithering.

What is one memory that will stay with you forever from your overall experience on working in What Are The Odds?

 Everything about What Are The Odds? is memorable. This was the first film set I was a part of. This was before Selection Day and Forgotten Army. Everything about it was extremely special. I haven’t been to a film school so the number of things I learnt on this set were unparalleled. But more than that it’s the relationships I’ve formed. From Pooja, Sanjay, Apoorva from FilmKaravan whom the producers of the film are along with Abhay. FilmKaravan gave me a place to stay in Mumbai. Megha, Yashaswini and Shreya who are three of the most amazing human beings I’ve crossed paths with. We all are like family! We’re an excited bunch of people who want to create exciting things.

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