Posted on April 12, 2020 at 8:24 pm

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How to Throw a Casino Theme Party and Entertain People to the Fullest?

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Casino-themed parties are all the rage right now, thanks to trend-setters like Chrissy Teigen and the industrialist Raj Kundra. The best thing is you don’t even have to go to a casino. Many event companies are now prepared to transform your home into a full-blown casino for a night.

With a bit of creativity and stolen ideas from movies like Casino Royale and Gamblers, you can pull off a night people will never forget.

But then, to throw an awesome party, keep the following pointers in mind.

Set a budget

Throwing a theme party is no easy feat. You will need to cough up a substantial amount of money to cater for all the supplies you will need. If you can’t afford to splurge on professional dealers, hire waiters or your friends can help coordinate the party and games. It’s also okay to improvise with the decoration pieces and props by using readily available materials to make fake cash, wall banners, and lights.

Choose the games

There is no casino party without games like roulette, blackjack, poker, and craps. These table games are readily available to rent for under $30 and easy to set up in your house. You can take it up a notch and hire some people to be dealers and help with the games. If you are hiring dealers via an agency, make sure they bring enough chips, cards, and décor to make the party realistic.

Another excellent idea would be to bring in some screens where people can play instant play casinos right from your house. Since it’s a party, choose easy and free games that everyone can play.

Create fake money

Do not throw a commercial casino party without permits. However, to make the games and party feel real, winners must get something as a prize. Be sure to print some fake currency to use at the party when playing. The phoney money must, however, be left in your house, so people don’t go around using it out on the streets.

Decide on a dress code

Have you ever wondered why 007 James Bond is always in a crisp black tux? It’s because he stands for suavity and sophistication and that could be the theme for your casino party. When you send out those casino theme invitations, be sure to let them know of the black-tie dress code. Every man should wear a black tux with a white shirt while ladies should be dressed in evening gowns.


The décor is what will turn your house into a casino, so you have to go all out. Right from the doorway, your guests should enter in style. Set up a red carpet with fake poles on the sides, holding a yellow rope. Speaking of ropes, make sure you also have some inside the room to create partitions for different sections.
You can also put up a disco globe and LED lights to create the right ambiance. Fill the walls with casino charts and banners and use a huge 3D playing card as a centerpiece for the tables.

Food and drinks

If you want to pull off a realistic casino, you have to emulate everything it does. When it comes to food, go for bite-sized finger foods that you can grab and be on your way. You can also incorporate the black, white and red theme in the menu. Red velvet cake pieces, strawberry ice cream cups, berries, jello shots, and cream cheese are great examples of food bites you can display.

No party is complete without drinks. Casino-themed cocktails are a great option. For the gentlemen, go with shots of whiskey and vodka. If you can afford it, pop some real champagne and get the party going.


It would be great if you can get the 007 soundtracks played at your party. However, since the party will be going on the whole night, choose lively casino music that people can dance to when they are not playing. Make sure there is enough space for people to get down and boogie when the time is right.

Photo Booth

When Chrissy Teigen threw the casino party of the year for her husband’s birthday, the photo booth quickly became the center of attention. You, too, can put up a casino-themed photo booth for guests to take amazing pictures of themselves having fun at the party.

Enjoy the party!

Casino-themed parties have a significant edge over other types of theme parties. Your guests will be entertained the entire night. Between jumping from one game to another, socializing and dancing, they will be partying until dawn. The plan is to ensure that everyone, including the host, has a blast every moment to make your party nothing short of epic.

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