Posted on February 2, 2020 at 3:27 am

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Shagun Khanna: An Inspiration for the masses!

Ayurveda & health tips for healthy living by Shagun Khanna

Shagun Khanna’s journey started within a year of her marriage, once she had her first son she started witnessing symptoms that didn’t make her feel great and eventually, she was diagnosed with PCOS. After reading tons of research, studies, books, speaking with doctors, dermatologists and nutritionists, she decided to find the courage within herself to fight it. Being a legit believer in listening to her body, she wanted her own journey to be natural, holistic and long-term – with no short cuts, no cheating, and no regrets.
She is grateful to say that now, she lives a happy, healthy, wonderful life; a balance between self-awareness and self-love. She is truly committed to living a life she loves, which makes her glow inside out. She incorporated a myriad of blogs dedicated to sharing her ideas, thoughts, findings, opinions, and remedies which includes make-up tips, DIY skincare; Ayurveda and other organic solutions.
Shagun’s aim is to imbibe her motto: *Stay Real, Stay You* in tremendous lives. Find out all about her here today! Your story just might inspire her!
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