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Choose Best Among all through Leading College Search Portals in India

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Your board exams are over or almost about to be. Now is the time to step out of the threshold of school and place your best foot forward into the world of college that awaits you. But how do you decide which college you would like to join? You know it very well that the name of your college is going to be in your resume forever. Your choice of college can make or break your career. This is not school anymore, where you move ahead from one class to another every year. School life is over for good, and you need to make a balanced decision while choosing your future path.

Are you worried about where to begin your search for college? There is no dearth of online resources on colleges but are you not sure about which ones are reliable? Here we provide you with the names of the best websites in India where you can go ahead with your research about colleges. Read on and you can find out for yourself which website is the absolute best out of all college search portals.

First of all, what are these college search portals?

India is a vast country with innumerable colleges. With so many options, it is not strange that, at times, choosing can get difficult. With so many colleges to choose from, how can you pick out the best one for yourself? This is where college search portals come in handy. These websites gather data about educational institutions and organize them for your benefit. Here, you can learn about multiple courses, various colleges in different states and also learn about the admission criteria and the annual tuition fee. Here you can use various filters and thereby narrow down your search. You can search for colleges based on their location, tuition fee and more. These websites, in effect, make your path smoother and ensure that you do not stumble across the obstacles that would have otherwise cropped up in your way. Now, in India, just as there are too many colleges to choose from, so are there too many college finding tools?

So, which college search portals provide the best data? To help you get started in your search for the dream college, we have prepared a list of the best college search engines in India after a thorough research on the web. The websites have been arranged according to their ranking. Decide for yourself which website you would like to follow to keep yourself ahead of your competitors! is by far the best search portal for colleges. With information about more than 200,000 colleges, it has a vast repository for you to choose from. Whatever your query might be, be it about courses or entrances, fee structure or location, this website stores all kinds of educational information. Browse through this website to choose the best option for you. Whether you are just starting your research or have been at it for a while now, this website has something or the other for you. It is very well organized and has step by step guidelines which makes it exceedingly student-friendly in nature. Do you have the opportunity to select your preferences and narrow down your search through the use of diverse filters? Based on the various criteria that you are interested in, you can browse through the options available for you. The data on colleges is true of a staggering amount. allows you to weigh your chances wisely and compare the opportunities offered by different colleges. This is your one-stop solution for all college-related queries. Unlike other college search portals, it is a multi-dimensional website. You can search for information here even without having to open personal accounts.

This is an online venture of the popular magazine Careers360. It is not the absolute best but it does have more than 24,000 colleges listed in the website and has features such as Prepmeter, Best Fit, College Predictor and Result Predictor to aid students in their efforts. It also offers tips on your careers and explores various financial aid programs you might be eligible for. This can be one of your top resources when you are looking for colleges. Here you can estimate your chances of getting admission in your dream college and prepare yourself in a realistic manner. The ‘Best Fit’ feature will allow you to determine whether a college will be suitable for your aims. You enter your score and educational information, and you can get a realistic knowledge about whether you can make it there or not. Search through thousands of colleges and find the one that fits your ambitions best.

Shiksha has information of over 16,000 colleges and the various courses offered by them. Here, you can create an account for yourself and the website will store your preferences in case you want to revisit them. In addition, it provides you with the opportunity to personally interact with alumni, teachers and faculty members. This is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring students. Save a list of your favourites and keep checking the website for further updates on admission. Compare colleges and their tuition fee, location, student strength, faculty student ratio and more through various features provided by the website. Pick out the data which is most relevant for you. This website can help you make sense of all the deluge like data on colleges.

CollegeDekho website can be a comprehensive tool for you and aid you in your search for colleges. The filters are not very specific like other college search portals, but you can give it a try. It can help you build a preliminary list of desirable colleges. You can learn basic essential facts about different colleges from this website and then move on to other portals for further detailed knowledge. You can narrow down your options from here through basic information about tuition fee, accommodation availability etc.

If you are trying to learn about colleges in the country, Get My Uni can also be a great resource material for you. In addition to information about various colleges, it has an interesting feature of a social networking platform. This allows you to directly communicate with faculty, staff and alumni in order to get a better idea about the college of your choice. You can learn statistical data about the college of your choice and, at the same time, read first hand responses from former and current students.

CollegeSearch stores information of more than 10,000 colleges. Through this search portal, you can navigate through the various colleges that fit your criteria. It cannot be said that the design of the website is exactly smooth but yes, you can get up to date information here. You can filter colleges according to various preferences of yours. You can be sure that the facts and figures you get on this website are correct.

Your first task is to figure out what are the things you are looking for in a college. Then you can use various college search portals to find colleges that match your preference. From the above list provided for your benefit, you can choose the website which is the best for you. Through these portals, you can compare the opportunities offered by various colleges and pick the best one for you.


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