Posted on January 18, 2020 at 4:36 pm

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Raashi Kulkarni Sophomore album, ‘Afterglow’ available now!

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L.A. Composer and Pianist Raashi Kulkarni releases her sophomore EP, ‘Afterglow’!

Raashi taking in a moment to enjoy the wonderful response to new album, ‘Afterglow’!

Raashi Kulkarni released her sophomore EP, ‘Afterglow,’ which debuted at #2 on the iTunes World Music charts!  ‘Afterglow’ gives us 5 beautiful songs which showcase a cinematic blend of musical genres. The songs draw on the themes of nature and the cyclical pattern of life by showcasing light its natural form; ‘Sunrise’ to the ‘Afterglow’.

Raashi is no stranger to success as her self-titled debut album, ‘Raashi’ made it to the number one spot on the iTunes World Music Charts! She’s composed a Bollywood-inspired musical for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and works along Emmy-nominated composer, Blake Neely on the shows Batgirl, Supergirl, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Emergence.

Her latest work ‘Afterglow’ is a beautiful collection which mesmerizes with its references to life. Raashi shares her insights on weathering obstacles, acknowledging conflicting emotions, overcoming grief, and finding light by the days end. These moments along with the message that we wouldn’t be able to appreciate light without having experienced the darkness.

Raashis’ accomplishments are inspiring as it’s wonderful to know that an Urban Asian South Asian women is behind the sounds of some of our favourite fiction shows! Wishing her continued success on her musical journey and looking forward to what’s next!