Posted on April 25, 2019 at 9:47 pm

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How Can you get rid of Technical Debt- Important Tip For Business Owners

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How Can you get rid of Technical Debt- Important Tip For Business Owners



Technical debt started as shortcuts to software codes; however, it grew to become a major trade-off for companies involved in tech projects. It is no longer a metaphor for shortcodes anymore. Business stakeholders have to be aware of technical debts and the way via which they can escape their impact on business operations and the progress of the company.  

Never ignore technical debt with the hope that things will improve

It is hard to find a software developer who has never heard of technical debt. Everyone talks about this debt in the abstract. They are aware of the shortcomings of this debt and its impending impact on the end product. Software developers agree they run before they walk and something drastic has to be done about technical debt so that it does not spiral out of control.


The company should be aligned to eliminate technical debt

Like business debt, when everything in the company is aligned, it is better to have reduced debt over a lot of debt. Technical debt drags a new feature down in the present moment until later someone has to step in to repay the debt. It is here that the business struggles to answer- how can it reduce technical debt?

Most companies list the different steps via which they can reduce technical debt. However, technical debt can be eliminated by every company with one method. This post will look at this method so that organizations can control the amount of technical debt they build up and stop it from getting out of hand.


The crucial role of the IT team

The IT team plays a vital role in ascertaining the amount of technical debt that a company faces. The experts of this team need to be assured that this debt is as minimal as possible. The team should make a list of the questions and errors that the software product faces. Answers should be provided to each of these questions. Again, all the clarifications relating to issues should be quick enough. The product manager has to be involved in the process of identifying these errors and problems that the code faces. This helps the team to identify the loopholes and the errors faster.

Most companies make the mistake of getting into a comfort zone. Attending meetings of the company in different locations should not be the major criteria of the product manager. It is crucial to be present in the process of software development so that codes can be correct and the end product delivered on time. This reduces the technical debt of the company. In fact, all companies should embrace this remedy when it comes to the reduction of technical debt.

The need to be aware of the software development process

The product manager and the team have to be aware of every process of the software development process. Errors should be listed and discussed more frequently. There should be more intervention by business owners and managers when it comes to resolving these code errors within specific hours. The whole team involved with the software development project need access to these error codes.

Highlighting issues can make them fade. This is a bitter truth. Unless the team is not aware of the software development issues and code errors, they will not be focused on their elimination. Ignoring these problems and turning a blind eye to them will only make matters worse in the future. Sweeping issues under the carpet might be feasible to deliver the end product but think about the serious repercussions it will have in the future?

Keep a check on technical debt

Technical debt like uncontrolled business debt can hamper the development of a company. At least, there are ways to address financial debt where the loans can be consolidated after the business chooses the best company based on their debt consolidation reviews. The calculation of technical debt is very much like weight loss. Every day you weight yourself and work towards losing weight. This can be done by eating the right food. You have eating choices in front of you, and they will lead to gradual weight loss. The same applies to technical debt. This debt grows however when you have the IT choices in front of you; they gradually help you in reducing this debt gradually. This will create less pressure on the growth and the development of the company.

The importance of measuring technical debt

Yes, companies should measure their technical debt and set a benchmark. This helps them to reduce the risks of technical debt and its adverse effects on the business. The IT team of the company after identifying the errors should work on an improvement strategy. This is the first step for eliminating technical debts to zero. The job does seem challenging; however, it is possible!

The best way to mitigate technical debt is to measure it

The best way to fight technical debt is to measure it visibly. You have to evaluate the figure and check it regularly so that it does not spiral out of control. You have to notice the specifics of this debt, or else it will later pose a dangerous threat to the progress of your company. Be aware and informed. Nipping errors in the bud will reduce the extent of technical debt gradually. With this reduction, you are able to focus on the other core matters of the company with peace of mind.

Avert negative impact of debts

Technical and business debts both have equal impact on the company so never ignore them. Debts should always be in control. It is normal for a business to incur debts but think about the accumulating interest- yes technical debts also have a cumulative interest rate that can spiral out of control.

Mitigating technical debt with measuring it and keeping track of it regularly is a uniform solution for all companies both small and large. Even small business owners should sit up and notice this debt that has the ability to hamper the growth of the company if ignored.