Posted on February 14, 2019 at 6:53 am

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US-based Size Inclusive lingerie brand PARFAIT to launch in India in association with IIFW

US lingerie brand PARFAIT launches in India!

US parfait lingerie launches in India with IIFW

Parfait, the US-based lingerie brand, is launching in India in association with India Intimate Fashion Week (IIFW). Entering with a glamorous fashion show to be held on  the 23rd of February 2019. Taking place at J.W.Marriott, Mumbai.

The global size-inclusive lingerie brand Parfait is entering India through 100% FDI. Distinctively designed to serve the full-busted woman with its expansive range of sizes. Also dedicated to helping customers find the perfect fit. Parfait’s collections focus on both core and plus size customers. Including 30 to 44 band sizes, D to K cup sizes, and M-4XL bottoms.

This brand is a natural fit for India’s growing plus size market. Headquartered in Los Angles, United States the company serves women across 20 plus countries. As a result, serving through almost 700 stores and online stores Worldwide!

Parfait is entering through 100% FDI in India. Following the government norms, the brand will source 30% from India. The style, sample, structure, technique and design will therefore come from the home land (headquarter in Los Angeles US). The 30% sourcing from India will have fabric basis the India weather. Also, in future they have plans to manufacture bottom wear/panties in India.


In addition to that, Parfait India will be partnering with major Indian retailers and aggressively focuses on SIS (Shop in Shop). They will also explore the possibility of opening Parfait store in major cities in the near future along with partnerships with leading e commerce platforms and company website.

How global is Parfait ?

Above all, Parfait sell products across the world through a channel of distributors and retailers, currently serve women across 20+ countries through 700 stores and online stores worldwide including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, Turkey, Russia, South Africa, Portugal, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Malta, Gozo, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Eire, and the Middle East and now India. The business is mostly driven through B2B channel globally.   They are now entering in B2C for the first time with our launch in India.

There is extreme ignorance that prevails among women when it comes to buying lingerie. Most women don’t know their correct sizes and usually buy that is uncomfortable and unappealing. Hence are Brand’s foremost aim will be to educate the consumers about the right fit of the bras.  Such as full-busted and plus size bras that help them find the right size of bras. To overcome this challenge, we will invest heavily to train employees. We believe that a woman will be more confident, comfortable and healthy when she wears the right size of bra. We will focus on giving arduous training to our employees to ensure our customers have a seamless experience.

Furthermore, speaking from experience, lingerie is difficult to find. Especially a size inclusive brand. Women struggle and why can’t we all have a reason to feel sexy? Lingerie brings out the women in us all. Every girl wants some lace and race in their life. We all feel good with some amazing undergarments regardless of whether or not anyone will see them. This is definitely needed in India. A country where they pride themselves on slender body images, this size inclusive brand would make a huge difference in the market. We are excited to see more of it on the map! What are your thoughts ? Let us know!

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