Posted on February 4, 2019 at 12:42 am

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Latest Style and Trends in Designer Gowns online!

Check out the latest trends that you should have in your Closet!

Designer Gowns and Evening Gowns have been the ultimate party wear outfits forever. Formal dinner parties to professional receptions, drop-dead gorgeous designer gowns are always your go-to for making a lasting impression. There are many plunging and trendy designer gowns with the touch of fantastical. But, shopping for designer gowns online is a little tricky.


Well, based on the latest trend and styles, we have gathered some best designs for you which will eventually help you pick the best designer gowns that suits your body type.

#1. Mermaid-like Fish Cut Style Designer Gown

Looking at the Bollywood stars pulling off the Gown looks so gorgeously, have you ever wished to be able to pull it off just like them? If Yes, then Mermaid-like Fish Cut Style is just for you. It is best suited for Hourglass figured ladies, busty figured women and also for Tall yet slim women. The specialty of this dress is that it adds a hell lot of curve to your straightened body. So all the tall and slim, non-curvy women will be able to take the most advantage of this dress as this will help you add beautiful curves to your body.

You may also want to look at some fabric options like Silk, Organza, Satin and any ruched material. Accessorize with Chandelier Earring or a Tiara or a Crystal Bracelet for a statement look.



#2. A-line Designer Gown Online

These Designer Gowns are the best ones if you want to go for a Classy and Elegant yet Simple look. It is best suited for Pear Shaped, Apple Shaped, and Petite Shaped Women. If you have a heavy top, then this is the best Gown for you. Also, if you have a flat tummy, the A-line flare will hide it to give you that gorgeous flared look. The plunging neckline can be made a focal point with the addition of two belts that run around the waist. From behind, a gorgeous open back shows this feature off even more.


These type of designer Gowns are easily available online. It generally comes with Sturdy fabric that doesn’t cling like Satin. You can accessorize it with Diamond earring or a sophisticated neck piece. Don’t forget to carry that cute smile.



#3. Jacket type Designer Gowns online

These designer gowns are in trend right now. If you are Slim or Rectangular or Hourglass shaped, this outfit is for you. These gowns add volume to your look with another layer of fabric, i.e. – the Jacket. The flared gown under the Jacket gives a nice flared bottom look to the Jacket, making it a perfect Party Wear or Wedding Go-to look. These Jacket type designer gowns are available online and mostly come in Silk, Satin or embroidered silk fabric.


Accessorize them with Pearl earrings or Pearl bangles or a headband. You can pair it with a a gold sequin clutch to accessorize the look further.




#4. Designer Ball Gown


These designer gowns are known for its extremely huge flare. The flare of these gowns is supported by a frame stitched inside it to keep it protruding out which gives that huge flare look. And It’s not a good idea to get these types of gown stitched without starch support or the inner frame as the flares will not come out as expected. If you want to go for a modern chic look, this is for you. The best-suited body type for these designer gowns available online are Hourglass figured women, Rectangle Shaped or Apple Shaped women. These usually come in Brocade or silk fabric.


You can accessorize them with the best different kinds of hair accessories like tiaras or any head accessory in flower and bead. You can also try embellished jewelry. Also, a flat ballerina is the best combinations for these types of Designer Gowns.



#5. The Princess type Designer Gowns Online


These designer gowns are known as the Princess Gowns as they are generally made up of soft fabric due to which it keeps flapping along your body as you move, giving a princess type look. You can add a glittering sequin-embellished look by making it stand out with sheer golden detailing. Its couture-esque attention to detail is difficult to overlook. These types of gowns are best suited for the Slim women as it clearly creates a disguise and adds a little volume to your body, making you look perfect. Pear-shaped women can also carry off this look beautifully as the bottom is easily covered up by the flares, leaving a perfect look.


These gowns come in fabric like Chiffon, Silk, Georgette, Lace nets and more. You can always pair these Gowns with Pearl jewelry or crystal pendant sets with simple jewels. You can also wear your favorite Stilettos with them and rock the look.




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