Posted on February 1, 2019 at 6:48 pm

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Amit Tandon and his Netflix debut ‘Comedians Of The World’

‘Amit Tandon – Middle Class Karma debut on Comedians of the World’

Amit Tandon , netflix comedians of the world. middle class karma

Amit Tandon, India’s bestselling International comedian is one of the country’s first few to make a global debut on the streaming giant Netflix via its multi-lingual comedy event series titled “Comedians Of The World”! It dropped on 1 January 2019. Amit’s comedy is hitting home.

Amit, known for his clean approach towards comedy sans cuss words. The series features his new stand-up act ‘Middle-Class Karma’. He talks about his thoughts on being an average dad, politics of children’s birthday parties and the drama of dining out. Amit is receiving love and support from fellow comedians and fans all over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Amit Tandon

Well received by audience member including myself. The laughter was also infectious and the entire act was relatable! Amit brought daily pressures and family dialogue to life. The act basically summed up my life in a Desi household! BIG UPS! He kept it real and honest. Birthday gifts never lasted and money was always a budget compared to our birthing rights! I highly recommend a night in, some popcorn, a glass of wine and Amit Tandon! TRUST in the middle class Karma.

Amit and his way of words and execution truly relates to his audience members. Laughter all round and nods of approval. The room was filled with memories that everyone could relate to. I love how he was able to use his own experiences to bring laughter to others! True styling of a great comedian. His act does not only speak to one demographic, I am sure we can all relate to family struggles and expectations!

Amit in a post on Facebook :

“The response to Netflix solo has been overwhelming! So far, I used to think that my audience was generally 35 years and older. In fact, I used to joke that I don’t get standing ovation because half my audience has joint pains. But now I am getting messages from people about how their 10-year-old kids are identifying with my stories. And this is really heartening that my stories are not limited to my generation alone (I am 43 yrs old) and is touching the younger generation as well. Mere naa sahi, kisi aur ke bachche toh meri baat sun rahe hain”.

Furthermore, the massive series also features 46 other comedians hailing from 13 different regions and it’s been taped in 8 different languages!

Amit will also be going on a world tour starting March 2019.

Amit Tandon

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