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Exclusive: DES-C Talks Trials & Triumphs With a Brand New Single Titled OMG!

DES-C Talks Trials & Triumphs With a Brand New Single Titled OMG!

”Born and bred in a small town called Luton (outskirts of London UK). I have always had it hard coming from a broken home and being the eldest among four siblings. Always wanting to escape the stress and depression of domestic issues,which I faced on a daily basis. I longed to escape mentally and physically but could never voice my feelings.

I found solitude and comfort in my garage, alone. This is where I would write how I would feel and often break down in tears. I soon discovered to write how I felt in poetry which later developed into songs.”- DES-C


It’s not everyday we come across such honesty in the music industry, and DES-C should certainly be admired for his boldness and honestly. With an amazing voice he clearly speaks to the masses, not only through his music but through his struggles as an artists. His music embraces his roots, but doesn’t tie him down  to a single genre. This is versatility at its best. Songs like ”Need A Hero – The Remix” and D-Boy feat. Des-C ‘Tu Bataja’ (You Tell Me) are timeless in their own right. DES-C’s talent can clearly be felt throughout, as his classical approach is vocally pleasing. He stands out from the crowd in his own right.

‘I’m just your average British kid who wasn’t really academically bright. I was however I was very physically active and creative. I had learnt I had a passion for music only when I had failed in my music classes in High school, The irony!In college, it was difficult for me to choose subjects to study of a high academic level. I took courses which I knew could help in my musical journey in the coming years, Performing Arts and Dance to name a few.

I went to the same college as Raxstar, which is where I was discovered by him.At the time of college he held a “8 mile” style rap battle which he won through peoples choice,I of course am no rapper.

However, I free styled my way to his ears and caught his attention on stage through with  Boliyaan. He suggested I get a demo together and start sending to Labels in UK, which I did  but with little response. He passed my demo to Rishi Rich’s younger cousin brother who wnt by the name of “Mentor” here is where the Mentor kolektiv was formed. From here we released the album ‘Broke’ this is where our song ‘Pasand’ entered on the world stage. After this I collaborated with Rishi Rich and did Majajne.” – DES-C

Since the beginning of my career fans have always questioned me, as to why I did not do Bhangra / Panjabi songs often, for many years I avoided it – DES-C


DES-C’s journey to success was clearly no easy one. In hindsight who needs good grades with a voice like that? Racking up millions of views throughout the span of his career, DES-C’s choice of music and the lack of  solely Bhangra / Panjabi  tracks e has proved to be a wise one. The multi-lingual star fluent in over six languages has avoided putting himself in a ”creative box”, leaving him to develop as an artist as he pleases. Thus far he has never disappointed fans, constantly bringing in something new for us to enjoy.


”He has this special effect when it comes to music, his voice is timeless.”


Despite OMG being two years in the making, it was certainly worth the wait. Produced by Puv Juss, OMGG offers your classic upbeat Punjabi track that would lift your mood. Considering the constant change in the music industry its good to find music that clings to its roots  while creating a modern sound for the listener. The sounds of Punjab is loud and clear throughout this single!



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