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#UA Exclusive: YouTube Star Sham Idrees Talks Bollywood Drama’s & More in Brand New Interview!

UA Exclusive: YouTube Star Sham Idrees Talks Bollywood, Drama’s & Answers Fan Questions in Brand New Interview!


Born in England, Ehtehsham Idrees known as Sham Idrees is no stranger to the spotlight. The Canadian-Pakistani star has gained millions of viewers across the globe. Sham is considered to be a versatile entertainer as he is a singer, actor and vlogger. Sham boldly calls his fans SHAMPIONS and he’s not wrong there, as fans follow devoutly follow his daily vlogs. His brand new character and series Fazal-UD-DIN ”Fazlu” left fans laughing their socks off. Drawing from his Pakistani heritage Sham has created multiple YouTube drama’s along side his wife to be, Froggy. Shaadi Ki Side Effects, The Fazal-ud-din Series and Jaane Jaan were all well received. Recently Sham released a new single titled SAPNE swooning his fans once again. Sham has attracted the attention of other global stars including the one and only Zayn Malik!

 We Recently Interviewed Sham Idrees & Asked Him Some Fan Questions!

Here’s what Sham had to say:


Sham you’ve become such a prominent YouTube figure, tell us how your journey began and what prompted this as a career.
It all started with having fun with my friends and making those 6 second vine videos. They say if you enjoy what you love than nothing else matters and before I knew it we are doing this professionally

Who would you say inspires you to keep doing your best?
Many people don’t realize that a lot of work goes behind creating content. Especially when you pickup the camera every single day and create more content for the main channel, as well as music among other things. The key to success is always being in competition with yourself and thriving to make yourself better

How does it feel to have TWO GOLD YouTube plaques?
It feels great! It reminds me of being young and getting a gold star on my Math test from my teacher haha! But honestly it’s because of the great fans I have who have supported me on this journey. Without them this wouldn’t have been possible.

What would you say has been your greatest achievement so far?
Millions of people who watch me every single day have become part of my extended family. Some people have large families but my fans are always there for me when I need them and this is my greatest achievement. Having so many people always pray for you and share so much love!
Everyone wants to know, do you wear contact lenses or is it your actual eye colour?
Yes it is my natural eye color! My friend chuchi recently made a video on it where he zooms in on my eyes with a similar question! I think everyone should watch that one! 


What’s your all time favourite Bollywood movie?
Dilwale dulhania le jayenge

What advice would you give up and coming YouTube stars?
Find something that sets up apart from others and just keep at it. No one can truly understand you except yourself so you must believe in yourself before anyone else starts to believe in you
If you had one superpower what would it be?
I would love to find time to chat to these amazing fans who message me every single day. I made my phone number public on my birthday and within first two hours I had 122,000+ notifications on whats-app so I wish I was able to talk to everyone.

If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?
Hate for others and find a way for people to be united. Many people can’t see other people succeed and I wish there was a way to change that but sadly it seems a norm. I wish there was a way to get everyone to be united.

What can we expect in future projects, I follow all your YouTube dramas, what do you have planned for Shampions?
So far we have done Jaana, Marriage Ke Side Effects and Fazal-ud-Din series but we will bring more great series real soon.

Tell us about your life growing up and how growing up in a Desi family influenced your decisions in life?
I grew up in a big desi family of 6 brothers and 1 sisters and I feel blessed because we have a support system for one another. Being the youngest of the brothers I always felt competitive of my older successful brothers but this led me to work harder and they always supported my career! I feel like desi families truly share a perfect blend of culture and a beautiful bond.

Would you say being a YouTube star has a dark side?
Yes! Others find ways to put you down who are in the same industry as you. Sometimes people don’t realize the hard work it goes to create content but in the end when you get the love and support from your fans it brings a smile to your face and makes everything worthwhile.

Sham Idrees Answers Questions Sent In By SHAMPIONS!


When will you visit India and New Zealand?
I’ve always wanted to visit india and New Zealand but the real question is when are you inviting me?

Do you take shampoo bottles from hotels?
Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone 😛

What song would to dedicate to your fans?
Jaane Jaan!

Do you have a girlfriend?
Shhh! These questions will lead to my dad hitting me with a Jutta

Do you have a favourite book?
Not really! Never been much of a reader. Always been visual and always loved writing and then creating a picture or a video out of it!


Recently Sham and delighted fans with a SURPRISE stating that they will be getting married, we here at Urban Asian couldn’t be more delighted! We’d like to wish ‘‘Shroggy” everything of the best, congratulations!


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