Posted on October 24, 2018 at 10:06 am


It’s wedding bells for Neel Motwani and Vindhya Tiwari

Mumbai,It’s almost wedding season and one of our beloved actors, Vindhya Tiwari, is about to tie the knot with actor Neel Motwani.


Talking about this, Vindhya says,

“The wedding is in full discussion between the families. It is truly a match made in heaven because even our kundalis matched perfectly, 29.5 to be precise. In fact, everyone always tells us how much they adore our pairing!”

The couple started out as friends and their closeness is now blossoming into a marriage.

Vindhya says,

“We started out as friends. Neel would always be there to support me and come surprise me on the sets. He’s met my family on several occasions before we even got together and they all loved him. We are all very close to each other like that. Once when my parents were visiting me, we all went out for dinner and Neel was kind enough to drop them off. After that, both my parents really believed Neel would be the one for me.”

Neel tells us,

Vindhya and I connect on several levels. We are both very spiritual and have our faith very close to us. We have and also plan to go to several pilgrimages together. I am a big movie junkie and we spend several hours just talking about those. I feel at my best around her and so does she. She checks all the boxes I didn’t even I know I had when I was looking for a partner!”

He adds,

“We both are huge animal lovers. Both of us have had pets growing up and they’re a huge part of my growing up years. We are always looking for ways to help them and use our platform to make others more aware on the issues revolving around animals.”

The dates for the wedding aren’t down yet but are in the process to be.

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