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Music Producer VEE and his plans for the future in music!

Music Producer VEE and his plans for the future in music!

Everyone loves music, its the sound of the beats that have the power to clam us, energize us, and even at times make us emotional. It is not only the sounds of beats that affect us but it can also be the words, the power of the lyrics can sometimes leave us in a trance blocking out everything as people focus on the words of the song. I had an amazing opportunity to interview talented music producer Vee who has recently entered the Bollywood Industry showing everyone is magic in the music studio and creating some hit songs with many known artists. He talks about the success of the recreation of “High Rated Gabru” for the movie Nawabzaade and what his future plans are within the industry.
1. How did you come to choosing the path of music as your career?

Music is in my family and it goes back to my grandma, who actually sang religious songs in the temple, it’s been passed down from generation to generation even my mum and dad sing, my brother Hunterz does music as you probably already know, also my other brother Ishers who’s just had a song with YOYO Honey Singh so yeah it was a natural choice! It’s in my blood.

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2. How did Guru Randhawa approach you for the offer of doing the music
for his hit song “High Rated Gabru”?
Guru and I were talking before High Rated Gabru, and we were already working on another project, so I was introduced via a mutual friend of mine Dj shadow. Then a few months later Manj Musik who I also was working with, asked me if I wanted to get involved on an idea he was working on with Guru and we’ve been working together ever since.
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3. Are there any upcoming projects, collaborations or singles that you
are working on for the future?

There’s plenty of music that I’m working on, and I can’t wait to share it all! I won’t say too much.

4. Were you shocked by the amazing response “High Rated Gabru” received once it was released?

I wasn’t necessarily shocked, Gurus an amazing artist to work with and musically I instantly knew the relationship would work, so I always felt really confident that other people would see that and feel that and ultimately it shows in the music. I’m definitely grateful that everybody loved the song as much as we do so thank you. 

5. Is eventually working in the Bollywood Industry with singers and music producers always part of the dream, or is there more to it?

The dream is always to keep progressing and have the world hear my music, so yeah Bollywood and mainstream music both are both my dreams. 
6. Reflecting back to where you started your music career and where you have reached so far how does it feel?
It feels amazing, I’m so grateful to God! It’s all blessings. 
7. Where do you get your inspiration from when you are producing music?
It can honestly come from anything, sometimes just going for a drive, or be sitting in a restaurant or going to the gym I get ideas! Sounds crazy but it’s completely random lol when the creativity comes it comes! 
8. High Rated Gabru has received over millions of hits and its growing even further, how does it feel that millions are now dancing to a song you created?
Again, it’s all Gods blessings! I’m so thankful that people are loving the song, and I’m so happy that I got to do it with someone as talented as Guru. It really is all about the
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9.  Tell us one thing you enjoy doing during your free time?

I hardly ever get free time but when I do I enjoy spending time with the family, my partner, and my friends, and movies! I love a good movie!

10. Was there a specific team you were rooting for this World cup 2018 season or just watching for fun and enjoying the sport?
There are so many good teams but I have to say Brazil for the win.

11. What is one thing you love to do with your family and friends?

I love watching movies, and board games. Chess and monopoly are my favorites, I have to say I’m competitive so it’s always a good laugh. 

We can’t wait to see what the magic VEE creates in the Bollywood Music Industry and wishing all the best.  Be sure to check out his latest song he produced with Guru Randhawa.

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