Posted on January 6, 2018 at 2:41 am

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“I am getting a lot of appreciation and compliments”, Gurpreet Singh

Actor Gurpreet Singh, who plays the role of Ambiraj in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s show Porus, says he loves being part of the show. The actor adds that the show has helped me in many ways.

“I am getting the most warming replication. People recognize me and call me Ambhiraj. They take autographs and photographs with me. I am getting a lot of appreciation and compliments,” he says.

However, the actor adds that the role is quite challenging.

“It is one of the toughest characters that I have played till date. Especially because I had to learn different arts for this role,” he says, adding, “For a customary TV soap, I can improvise the role and I have a lot of freedom on how to portray the role. In a historical show, it is constrained and so much research and preparation are required.”

In fact, at times it is tough for him to get his character out of his head, once he has finished shooting.

“I involve myself in the role so much that I keep thinking about it, even when I am not on set. It gives me exhilaration about the story. I keep relishing it and keep cerebrating to make it more authentic and enjoyable,” he says.

The actor has been bonding with everyone on the set.

“Everyone on the set from actors to the camera team, the direction team and unit people, they are so positive. It took me no time to develop a good bond with them and they all are like a family to me. I miss them and when I am not shooting. Sometimes, I go on the set just to meet them. They are all so positive and doting. I am especially close to Rati Pandey and Aditya Redij,” he says.

Ask him what is the best compliment that he has got for his roles, and he says,

“By God’s grace, whoever I met, has always appreciated my work. For Sujal’s role, I get a compliment from a friend that though I am very jolly  in life, on screen, I looked like I have become Sujal. Once Ekta Kapoor massaged me that I have improved so much as an actor and she also mentioned that she rarely gives a compliment to an actor. That was the best compliment for me. For King Ambiraj, Sidharth Kumar Tewary and Rahul Tewary appreciated my work. Many people gave me compliments that my appearance is that of an authentic warrior and additionally appreciated my acting.”

Looking back at his struggle days, Gurpreet says that they taught him a lot.
“It’s been around 15 years and I am so happy to have reached this position today. I commenced with modelling i.e., print shoots and fashion shows. I have done theater in Delhi and in Bombay too and have many theater friends. I did theater to be more expressive for print shoots, Though, I never thought of acting after coming to Bombay, I got work. I am relishing acting as it gives me chance to play different roles,” he says.

The acting was challenging for him initially.

“It’s true that I have not done any acting course and in the start, it was quite arduous for me to express. But with the guidance and observation, I started giving required expressions. Fortunately, I learned Sanskrit in my school days and have a good recollection. So I could give verbalize long dialogues easily,” he says.

The actor says that he wants to try his hand at Bollywood as well.

“I have done movies in Bollywood and Tollywood and in the future too, if get a good role, I will definitely do that. I am also on the lookout for other interesting roles on TV as well,” he says.

Ask him who his favorite Bollywood actors are, and he says,

“I like Dilip Kumar, Anju Mahendroo, Saira Banu, Sanjeev Kumar, Salman Khan and many more for their craft in acting.”

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