Posted on November 22, 2017 at 7:45 pm

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What’s in store for Adaa Khan?

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“As of now I am not committed to any show” said, Adaa Khan

Actor Adaa Khan might have something upcoming! She is, however, making sure to take some time off. The actress, who was last seen in Naagin 2 has been traveling and catching up with loved ones.

“Post Naagin 2, I am spending time with my family and friends. I have been traveling, I got back from Thailand, now again, I am flying to Goa. Before that also I traveled. Traveling keeps me busy and I always enjoy that. I also keep doing events on and off,” she says.

She is looking for something challenging in terms of work.

“I always wanted to do challenging roles and I have been doing that. I want to take up something which really excites me as an actor,” she says, adding, “I have a lot of roles which are my favorite but they have already been done by the actors, who did a great job. So, I don’t want to repeat and be compared to the actors who already made a mark. I want to do a role that is considered as my role and people love me in that role. I want to be appreciated and make a mark for myself rather than doing something that somebody already has done.”

She was asked if she will be doing Naagin 3, and she says,

“As of now I am not committed to any show and I am open to doing a lead role for a good show,” she says.

The actor admits that she has been selective about shows.

“I have been choosy about my roles and have refused many of them. Something which excites me, I do that, I don’t like regular roles, I like doing something different which people love. If you see people remember Amrit from Amrit Manthan even though she was negative and of course, they love Shesha, so I love roles which people will remember me for,” she says.

The actor, who has been part of the TV industry for a while, says that a lot has changed over the years.

“Creativity has taken a back seat and TRP and business have taken over. People have other mediums to watch the shows, which was not the case earlier, which is why there are TRP drops and shows shut down quickly,” she says.

While Adaa is open to doing reality shows, Bigg Boss is not her cup of tea.

“The reality show I would like to do will be something to do with adventure like Khatron Ke Khiladi or like a dance reality show. As far as Bigg Boss is concerned, I don’t think I can do it. I was offered Bigg Boss but I always declined the offer,” she says.


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