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“No Forgiveness Without Love”

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Forgiveness is a chance to set things right. We put aside old differences, move beyond grievances and hurts to start afresh. We spoke to few celebrities and asked them about the significance of forgiveness in their life. Here’s a look at what they have to say:

The dashing actor Namish Taneja soon be seen in Star Plus’ upcoming show ‘Ikyawann’ believes forgiveness opens the door of your heart. 

“To err is human, to forgive divine. We all sometimes make mistakes-intentionally or unintentionally and hurt each other. If we keep holding grudges it will not allow us to grow. I always forgive and move on, it opens my heart and allows me to spread the love.”

Rahulram Manchanda, who is currently doing ‘Vani Rani‘ said, 

“During my struggle days,  one of the casting directors rudely told me that I do not even deserve to give the audition. I was deeply hurt by his words, and left with teary eyes. While I was doing ‘Saraswatichandra’, I met him and he apologized for his behavior in the past. I hugged him and said thanks, because his harsh words inspired me to improve myself.”

Online sensation, actor Ssumier Pasricha who is currently shooting Alt Balaji’s web-series on Pammi aunty says , 

“There are several incidents that happen in life when we get hurt by certain people because we don’t expect a certain kind of reaction, or their indifference behavior towards you. Probably they look through you or they didn’t trust you when you needed their trust. So yes, there are two-three people in my life that have done this to me, but even if it about forgiveness, I am sorry I can’t forgive them because they had deeply hurt me. I have moved on but for me they don’t exist whether I forgive them or forget them doesn’t make a difference to me. For me they don’t exist. That’s it.”

Urvashi Dholakia, who is currently seen in ‘Chandrakanta‘ says, 

“If I am to say that somebody has hurt me then the truth is I may have hurt somebody too, not intentionally though. It’s very easy to say ‘forgive and forget’, but who are we kidding? It ain’t that easy. Which is why I truly believe that if tomorrow somebody hurts me that person will be punished in some way or the other and the same goes for me too. I truly believe in the saying, ‘what goes around comes around’. Personally, I can never forget the hurt caused to me, but yes, every hurt has made me stronger and stronger. And as a mere mortal I don’t think I have the power to forgive either. All I do is I keep moving forward and never look back.”

Ravi Bhatia, who was last seen in Ekta Kapoor‘s historical drama ‘Jodha Akbar‘ believes to forgive others, you first must forgive yourself. The actor said, 

“I forgive myself for whatever wrong things I have done. Sometimes I feel guilty for even small wrong things I have done. Intentionally I have never done anything bad to anyone but I forgive myself for the accidental bad things I have committed.”

‘Vani Rani’ actor Jitendra Nokewal said,

“We often hurt someone and we may or may not do something about it. But before you could forgive anyone else you need to forgive yourself. If you want to set things right with someone then first forgive yourself for being in that situation and make peace with yourself other things will fall into place automatically.”

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