Posted on September 21, 2017 at 8:03 pm


Director Pankaj Purohit awarded with The Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award!

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Filmmaker and activist Pankaj Purohit was honored with the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award this year for his outstanding contribution to society through his work. The talented and creative director is the epitome of excellence and courage. His curiosity to explore stories beyond just his social boundaries motivated Pankaj to pursue his study of screenwriting and cinematic arts in Los Angeles.

The Indian filmmaker began exploring the field of entertainment alongside mentor Gregory Allen Howard (Remember The Titans, Ali) and after that he worked on several independent film projects including the controversial hits ‘Belly of the Tantra‘ and ‘Sudden Cry‘.

This award is presented in/as appreciation to honor the achievers in the memory of India’s young and inspirational Prime Minister with a vision to build a new India. It was Rajiv Gandhi who gave a call to build India united by bonds transcending caste, creed and religion. His vision strengthened powerful force for peace and unity in the world at large. As a recipient, Pankaj Purohit reflects each of these values and more.

Commenting on the same Mr. Purohit sates,

“I am honored to be receiving such a prestigious recognition. I thank all those who have considered me worthy of such an honor. I would lie, to dedicate this award to my parents without whom this day would not be possible.”

At present, Filmmaker Pankaj Purohit is working on his next feature film in India.

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