Posted on August 30, 2017 at 3:17 am

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Facebook Writing as a University Course!

Think about Social Media and the changes it has made throughout its existence. How has it affected its users today?

Now, think about Facebook. Think about how many posts are made in a day. What would happen if Indian Universities added a Facebook Writing course? Would you enroll?

Below, Indian actors voice their opinions on whether it is a good idea or not;

“In my opinion, this a good way to get students engaged in something that they already have an interest in. All teenagers are on Facebook most of the time. When they implement it as a course, it keeps them engaged and interested. However, it can also be a problem if students get easily distracted; for example, the other features that pop up on Facebook.” – Nutan Rai

“Social media is one of the necessary evils that one can’t leave behind.  It has become an integral part of our daily existence, personal and professional.  We are consuming by all kinds of content on it, be it, news, history, technology or personal interactions.  So whether we love it or hate it, it’s a behemoth that we have to deal with. We might as well get proficient in whatever content we want to put out there. At least, with education, there will be some semblance of sanity in what we share with the world. Good succinct articulation is anyway a dying art.” – Karan Oberoi

“This is a great initiative by Delhi University. In the present scenario, social media platform is growing in a big way. Specifically, in film promotions, product launches or a political party’s promotion during elections, everyone makes use of social media to spread their message. So getting professional knowledge about it and making a career in this would be a great option. It will widen employment opportunities too.” – Vinayak Sinha

“In today’s world social media has become such a big platform. People live in this virtual world and it has become a booming business. Marketing is the key to a successful business and social media provides the best platform. It is very economical and fast and helps you to connect to anyone in the world in a fraction of seconds. Having Facebook writing as a course, will give us more entrepreneurs and new horizons for advertising and marketing.  But it’s important for the users to know what to share and how to not cross the line of decency.” – Ramman Handa

“Social media like Facebook and Instagram are platforms for fun and connecting with your friends. So why not leave it at that? On the other hand, there are many people who use these platforms for the wrong reasons. So instead of this, students can be taught how to use these social platforms more responsibly.” – Ankit Gera

“I believe every social media platform has its pros and cons. I love Facebook, Instagram, Google. These sites have made my life easier and can help me access any part of the world. Till the time the content is not harming anyone’s image or viewpoint, it works. Facebook is a beautiful medium to share your thoughts and one can learn a lot. I would say it’s a very innovative step by Delhi University. It’s an easy and most viewed site where students can share their thoughts and views,  through their write-ups on Facebook. Literature and good content are dying. It will boost many to write and share their stories. I support the decision.” – Chandan K Anand

“I am aware of what Facebook is. I did not learn it in school or in any university. There are many other important topics which can be covered related to country, legends, places, politics, society and cultures of world and self-help. I feel there should be more focus on that.” – Shashank Vyas

“I don’t think it is bad. Social media is trending nowadays. The course can help you do so many things and connect to so many people. There is nothing wrong in getting some training for the same.” – Manish Wadhwa

“I believe it is surely a good idea. The role of social media cannot be denied. Everything is so accessible via mobiles. There is no harm in having a course for its writing as we all are active on social media.” – Rashami Desai