Posted on September 26, 2017 at 5:44 pm

Bhangra/Punjabi Releases

Maz Bonafide’s “Shaadi Veer Di” Crosses 1.2 Million Views

Moz Bonafide - Shaadi Veer Di

Maz Bonafide’s latest Bhangra Banger, Shaadi Veer Di, has definitely caught on some heat and traction. The hot new wedding track crossed over 1.2 million views in under a month. The official music video features a celebrity appearance from the Pakistani pop princess, Annie Khalid and her real-life husband Saad Ahmed Khan, recreating a classic wedding/”viah”-day celebration.

This is has been an exciting collaboration for both Bonafide and Annie, who have been close friends for years. Maz stated


After having performed at many weddings across the globe, I wanted to make a track that created the feel of a real wedding. I had been planning to collaborate with Annie Khalid for a while and we both agreed this would be the perfect opportunity to work together and she was happy to star with her real life husband as the center stage couple in the video.

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