Posted on August 25, 2017 at 5:08 am

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G. Sidhu Drops “Sapni” – New Punjabi/Bhangra Music Video Single

G. Sidhu - Sapni

Punjabi singer G. Sidhu dropped the third single off his upcoming project, “Pehli Tape” today. “Sapni” is the latest summer Punjabi/bhangra track by the New York based artist, who’s also known for “Candlelight” and “Mundri.” The song and music video definitely bring out the “wedding szn” vibes and also encompasses a bit of a dance-techno bump to it. Sapni is surely to be one for the dancefloor, especially on a “sangeet” night or during a wedding reception.

Sapni was performed by artist G. Sidhu and produced by Epic Bhangra. The music video was directed by Jabar Jung and presented by Pinder 22.