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Actress Gita Rash Shares Her Journey In A Interview

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Actress Gita Rash Shares Her Journey In A Interview

Gita Rash is an actress, known for Mirror Game (2017), A Happy Divorce (2018) and Bombay to New York (2016). Gita is a certified fitness trainer, actor, visual artist, psychic medium, model, author, and cooking instructor. She says she loves to travel, read, meet people and create. She reveals more about herself in an interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am an actor, artist and fitness instructor. I have a Master’s degree in history and an MBA in finance. Having such a diverse educational background impels me to pursue divergent interests. Living on three different continents India, Europe, and North America, has fuelled and expanded my imagination. I learned art and dancing in Europe. Traveling is a passion of mine which has given me the opportunity of meeting incredible people and experiencing different cultures that have had a tremendous influence on me. This helps me to bring out the different facets of the characters I play.

Share your favorite memory from childhood.
I have such fond memories of celebrating Diwali in India. So many family members and friends would gather under one roof effortlessly to enjoy the festival of lights for days. Getting together with uncles, cousins, sharing stories, lighting colorful diyas and trying out the latest fireworks, hanging out together was a load of fun. I still remember the sugar high from eating ladoos, pheni and a bunch of other goodies.

If you were not an actor……..
If I was not an actor, I would probably be an archaeologist. I have a deep interest in ancient civilizations; I would love to unearth artifacts and memorabilia from the prior cultures discovering the mysteries and secrets in the process. It would be like putting together a human jigsaw puzzle!

If you could go back in time what would you want to change?
To be honest, I would change nothing. I am very satisfied with my life and how it has shaped me. All my experiences have made me who I am. If I were to change something, I’m not sure who or what I would have become. The ups and downs I have faced have contributed to my psyche. Accepting who you are is a process and I believe one has to put in the effort to understand life and the unique part you play in it. Ultimately it is the biggest role one plays in life.

What are the five apps you use the most on your phone?
Facebook, Instagram, Play music, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Is it tough to be in this industry? Any tip for the beginners?
Tough, tough and tough no doubt. It is seldom a straight line that you walk. There are waves of highs and lows, a lot of competition which keeps you on your toes. You have to constantly hone your craft and keep up with the industry. That being said, it is such a thrill when you are riding high. My advice for beginners is to be relentless. You have to be like a Teflon pan, and remain unaffected by rejection if you want to make it. Also, have something else to keep you grounded.

Who is your favorite actor and why?
My favorite actor is Anthony Hopkins. He has such a depth of talent and is one of the most gifted actors of our time. Every character he plays is so convincing. He is able to draw such a range of emotions from the audience, with his spontaneity and enigmatic style. He is well known for his incredible memory to deliver pages of lines in one take. His commitment to the role he plays and his total absorption of it has been the highlight of many of his films.

Where do you see yourself in next five years?
In the next five years, I see myself playing a regular character in a series which challenges me to push the boundaries and give it my all. Ideally, it would be a theme that has yet to be explored, very original and thought-provoking.

What is your favorite destination for traveling?
Since I love to travel, I go to many different places, but I always go back to Venice, Italy. There is something magical about it that lures me back time and again. As a matter of fact, I have done many paintings of Venice as well.

Where do you get your motivation from?
I have a very high energy level, am very driven, and love to create. My mind has to be constantly stimulated. If I set a goal, I will not rest until I have given that goal my very best. I am not easily distracted, I let my inspiration control me so I stay on track.

Some words for your fans……
I feel so humbled and blessed to receive the appreciation and admiration for something that I love to do. It is my fans who motivate me and support me to create more and achieve more. A very big heartfelt thank you to all of them!

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