Posted on June 25, 2017 at 3:35 am

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British Asian Rapper TaZzZ Drops an Epic Debut Album

British Asian rapper, TaZzZ, just released his debut album titled “Epic Dreams“. Although he has been producing music for years for top urban Asian artists like Rita Morar and Raxstar, this is the first time he is releasing a full-length album of his work.

The “Jannat” singer reveals that this project is his most personal one yet as it features music that reflects the unique experiences of his life. TaZzZ is an independent artist that has made quite a name for himself not just in the United Kingdom but also internationally as well.

The young artist sat down with us to give us an in-depth look at the new album, his inspiration behind it, how much work went into it and the message he has for his fans!


UA: What inspired this new album?

TaZzZ: Inspiration to me comes from within but most importantly you need to live life in order to write about it, I believe I’ve not only matured as a musician but as a human being as well over the years. It’s evident in my Album how much I’ve grown.

UA: How do you feel about the release? Are you excited?

TaZzZ: It’s one of my greatest achievements, I’m very proud of my work. Being an independent artist releasing it all absolutely independently wasn’t easy but god willing all the hard work pays off.

UA: You’ve been producing music for many years now so how come a full-length album took 3 years to make?

TaZzZ: “Epic Dreams” took so long because, honestly, I’m a perfectionist and a control freak. I like to be completely involved in every aspect of it and I really had to be sure everything sounded sonically correct from start to finish, I didn’t want to put anything out that felt half-hearted. Only you yourself know what your vision is, no one can tell your story better than you and I wanted to be sure this was perfectly crafted. Being both the producer and the vocalist I didn’t have to rely on others and was able to get the album done in my own space at a pace I was comfortable with.

UA: Tell us more about the tracks on the album? What makes it different and what unique collaborations do you have?

TaZzZ:  I truly appreciate everyone who has been involved with this album, all the collaborations are very special in their own unique way. The album starts off with a soulful intro that sets the whole ‘epicness’ sound of the album. Each song really reflects my emotions regarding things important to me. There is the track “Pardes”, a beautiful uplifting song about hope, which also tackles one’s struggles in life in the motherland and beyond, it features the future of Desi Hip Hop, Punjabi rappers, Mohan Singh and Guru Lahori. Elijah and I also reunite after the worldwide success of our song “Tere Bina,” which was released in 2012—but this time around we’re back with a song called “Sazaa” an emotional ballad, a song that will most definitely echo on your heartstrings. Priti Menon is also on a track titled “Maahiya,” she’s the same vocalist who sang the chorus in “Ayaan.” Trust me when I say this you will be blown away once you hear it—she has outdone herself! Priti’s vocal delivery on the song is on a different level. I’ve just released the music video of “Failure” which features Jay Kadn, a powerful song about my music struggles. I’ve even added an acoustic version “Jannat” which will just make you feel blissful and put a smile on your face. It’s just unconditionally beautiful, as you already know “Jannat” is one of my most personal songs I have and most probably will ever do in my entire life. There are other songs too which all contribute equally to the journey of my “Epic Dreams”, I guess you’ll just have to hear it to understand.

UA: What do you hope to achieve with this album? What is your message to the fans?

TaZzZ: I always aim to make timeless music that you can listen to decades later and still feel the beauty of the song. I’m also all about spreading positivity, that’s what it’s all about for me, I aim to encourage and uplift people around the world. I hope my fans take away positivity every time they hear the tracks on this album whether it is now or years from now.

UA: What is the significance of its title, “Epic Dreams?”

TaZzZ: Epic dreams are dreams with a long, continuous story line, sometimes continuing over many dreams and even many nights. Many people find their “Epic Dreams” to be life changing, giving them new insight or perspective into their lives and existence. An Epic Dream is one that you remember for years, and it may even come to form an integral part of the way you view the world.

Waking from an Epic Dream, you often have a feeling of enlightenment, euphoria, or guidance permeating your being and your life. You may have a strong sense of positive energy, and you may even feel that you know what your real purpose is”.

UA: What are 3 words you’d use to describe this album?

TaZzZ: Inspirational, Motivational and EPIC.

UA: Any Message For Your Fans?

TaZz: I just want to thank everyone for all their love, support and blessings. Thank you for all, if it weren’t for you I couldn’t have turned my Epic Dreams into reality. Thank you for standing by me and believing in me.

Be sure to catch TaZzZ’s Debut Album “Epic Dreams, ” out now! Check out his website for more information and updates!

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