Posted on February 13, 2023 at 10:11 am

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This Valentine’s season Darshan Raval Drops a Love Anthem ‘Piya Re’ for his fans

Audience’s favourite Darshan Raval is back! He kickstarted the season of love by dropping his all-new love ballad ‘Piya Re’. On this Valentine’s week Darshan is breaking records as ‘Piya Re’ has been trending on social media since it’s launch. In less than 24 hours of it’s launch, the song has amassed 2 million views. Fans are giving boundless love to this new track and touting it as Darshan’s best song till date and his best gift to them. Darshan has won the hearts of people and received immense love earlier with his melodious voice and soulful songs like ‘Kabhi Tumhhe’ , ‘Ek Tarfa’, and ‘Chogada’ amongst many others.

Shot in the picturesque location of Himachal, the video of the song showcases him on a journey in the mountains to discover love. With the soothing track and stunning visuals, ‘Piya Re’ has been a sensational hit on social media and all streaming platforms.

Credits: Darshan Raval PR Team
Credits: Darshan Raval PR Team

‘Piya Re’ is Darshan’s first track for 2023. The singer is known to release special songs for his fans around monsoons, but this time he is here to celebrate the season of love in the winter chill. The song is trending on reels and thousands of reels have been created in less than 24 hours. There was immense excitement since the poster launch, then it increased with the teaser and now once the song released, the song has received unprecedent response. We can see Darshan Raval’s fanbase has grown exponentially as he has been continuously touring around the country. Seeing the love on the song, we can’t wait to witness ‘Piya Re’ in a live concert of Darshan Raval along with his other chartbuster songs.

The song is available on Indie Music Label Youtube channel and all other music streaming platforms.

Listen to it here!

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