Posted on September 21, 2022 at 9:40 pm

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Kesariyo Rang, Now Out!

This upbeat dance music was written by renowned DJ Chetas and Lijo George and will undoubtedly end up on everyone’s Navratri playlist. The amazing dance moves of Avneet Kaur and Gangubai actor Shantanu Maheshwari make for a captivating repeat viewing of the video, which is itself lively and colorful.
To appeal to everyone, the choreography is a heady blend of both classic garba dances and some chic modern steps. Kesariyo Rang has a catchy hook beat and emanates a lively energy that will make it everyone’s favorite during Navratri and beyond. It is shot against a whirlwind of colors and light.
“Kesariyo Rang celebrates the vibrant Navratri festival and we are so happy to be doing another Navratri song together and what better than it being released on VYRL Originals. Asees and Dev have as always sung it with great finesse and gusto. Avneet and Shantanu have beautifully pulled off a traditional yet modern dance video that suits the sensibilities of the young generation. This track is an all-out festive mood number and a great addition to your Navratri playlist,” Lijo George and DJ Chetas stated when discussing the creation of the song.
Asees Kaur, who also provided the vocals for popular songs like Raataan Lambiyan, Chogada, Makhna, and many others, shared “DJ Chetas and Lijo yet again have given us a melodious fusion of modern and traditional mix with a thrilling and foot-tapping dance number. Dev is a fabulous singer and its always a pleasure releasing songs with team VYRL. Avneet and Shantanu with their moves have taken the song a notch higher. The song is just not a festival song and is here to stay for long.”
Dev Negi, the co-singer said, “Navratri is one of my favourite festivals. It marks the beginning of the festive season in our country and sharing Kesariyo Rang with audiences for a season of celebration has been a sheer joy. Working with Chetas, Lijo, Asses is always fun. Avneet and Shantanu show such great chemistry in the video and am looking forward to seeing everyone dance to it.”
Digital sensation Avneet Kaur commented, “Navratri is incomplete without a peppy number and I am so glad to bring my fans Kesariyo Rang, which is so colourful and energetic. The combination of music, lyrics, singers, choreography results in an aesthetically and musically stunning masterpiece. It’s time to update your dance playlist and definitely add this one to it.”
In response to appearing in the Navratri song by VYRL Originals, Gangubai actor Shantanu Maheshwari said, ” I had an amazing time working with both Avneet and our choreographer/director Adil. There was a great vibe on the sets, which is reflected in the video as well. Chetas and Lijo have created a very energetic piece and it will instantly make you groove. As always, Asees and Dev are incredible, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to dance to their voices. The song has all my heart and I hope everyone loves it too.”
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