Posted on July 6, 2022 at 4:47 pm

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Bilingual Brains and Music: Leo Kalyan’s Rise to Fame

On a daily basis, tiles of selfies, landscapes, and videos are at our fingertips. Whether it be reading Bollywood news, watching videos of talented individuals, or keeping up with the latest fashion, each new post found a way to captivate us deeply. Leo Kalyan’s reels on Instagram and Tik Tok proved no different.

Leo Kalyan (he/she/they) is a British-Pakistani-Indian singer, producer, and songwriter residing in London.

leo kalyan

Kalyan publicly came out as a South Asian gay and non-binary person on his social media and since strived to gain the acceptance of more South Asians on the progressive topic of sexuality.

Over the pandemic, Kalyan took a two-year social media hiatus. However, his return this year was more vital than ever. Kalyan decided to utilize his background in Indian classical music to create Bollywood and R&B mashup videos. Through these videos, he explored a variety of styles, ranging from Latinx, Afrobeats, and Indian music.

Upon posting, his videos immediately went viral over Tiktok and Instagram, causing him to gain 50k followers in the first week. Amongst his followers are some world-known artists – Victoria Monet, Anoushka Shankar, and Grimes.

Even globally-renowned artist, AR Rahman, took a moment to share Kalyan’s video of a mashup of “Frozen” and “Kehna Hi Kya” on his Instagram.

Not only that but Kalyan was given an opportunity to perform at Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor’s baby shower in London. Kalyan took a moment to appreciate this opportunity on Instagram, stating, “a spice girl in bollywood. i just performed at sonam kapoor’s baby shower 😳 what is life?”

As we can clearly see, Leo Kalyan’s bilingual brain processes music beautifully. We hope to encounter more of his videos on our feeds as he continues to take off in his musical pursuit!

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