Posted on September 14, 2020 at 12:48 am

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Rita Morar’s Debut EP “Blossom In Isolation” Is Now Out

Rita Morar’s Debut EP “Blossom In Isolation” Is Now Out

Rita Morar’s Debut EP “Blossom In Isolation” Is Now Out


After capturing the audience with ‘THIS IS LOVE’, Rita Morar’s next single and titled track from her forthcoming Debut EP called ‘BLOSSOMS IN ISOLATION’ is out now. The single was released on Friday 11th September and is available on all digital platforms.

During the COVID Pandemic and lockdown, Rita decided to make most of the time she gained whilst being at home to create music in her home studio. Having laid down foundations of demos that were shared to her audience through Instagram, she decided to take the next step to bring the songs to life. The first installment is the single ‘BLOSSOMS IN ISOLATION’ which is literally the heart of the EP. It is a moving song that fuses eastern and western vibes touching the emotions felt of those missing their loved ones during COVID and the isolation period.

The piano demo by Rita initiated her to reach out and collaborate with established Artist/ Producer Shri Gadhvi to bring the music vision to surface. They brought in the flute Maestro ‘Robin Christian’ for the track remotely and eventually ‘#BII’ was born… Shri adds, ‘It was a pleasure working with Rita; The understanding and chemistry on putting the track together wasn’t forced at all… It just worked and I feel like we both knew where we wanted to go with the track’. Both Rita and Shri agree that the listener will definitely feel that they are on a musical journey.

Rita unveiled the artwork to her Debut EP also titled ‘Blossoms in Isolation’ the same evening of the single release and announced the EP will be releasing Friday 9th October 2020. More information to come in the following weeks.

Despite being unsigned, singer/songwriter Rita has forthcoming music lined up and is already working on other projects with artists such as Drifta, Young Valli, Zaheer, Substeppers, Djinn, and 2NV Music. She performed at her first headline show in London for Mishti Dance. She hopes to touch even more audiences with her heartfelt vocals.

For further information on ‘BLOSSOMS IN ISOLATION’, media enquiries, interviews and photos of Rita Morar, please contact Rita on

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