Posted on September 28, 2020 at 11:21 pm

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Get Ready For The Debut Of The Year – Noopsta’s “Altr Ego”

Every now and then, a rare artist is born who is guaranteed to create magic in the world of music.  That is exactly what describes Anoop Singh (aka Noospta) who, at the tender age of 14 years old, is ready with his first full production album, “Altr Ego”.  Yes, you read that right – he is just 14, but is ready to release a full 10 track digital album that drops October 10, 2020!

Noopsta's Altr Ego Album

It is unsurprising that Anoop is the talent he is as there was no way music could not flow through his veins.  Anoop is the gifted son of globally appreciated musicians, Nindy Kaur and Manj (of RDB fame).  Since the time Anoop was young, he has been surrounded by music, been exposed to music shows, travel, and has interacted with celebs from across the globe – Hollywood and Indian artists alike.  As such he has absorbed music into his life and has a keen ear for music and music production.  Undoubtedly, Anoop is a legend in the making and is sure to create a legacy as strong as his parents.

While many celebs often utilize their own stardom to push their children ahead, neither Nindy nor Manj wanted their fame to act as a shadow over Anoop.  So, despite having such a worldwide reach, they have worked hard to keep the focus on Anoop himself.  As such, although Manj has collaborated with Anoop as a singer on “Altr Ego,” he did so not as “Manj”, but rather, under the name “J-Man.”  Doing so ensures that Anoop’s talent remains the highlight of the album, and allows him to freely enter the world of music to create a path for himself the way he wishes to.


Altr Ego” makes it clear that Anoop is truly a talent in his own right and has a mature sense of music beyond his age.  The beats flow seamlessly from one track to another. Moreover, the production level of each track suggests the ability of an older seasoned artist.  In fact, one has to consciously remind oneself that it was produced and created by someone who is only 14 years old!  Each track is tightly made.  The young artist is clearly in his element in the world of music.

Kicking off the album is “Jee Karda,” which is sure to be a global hit that will be on repeat on any playlist.  This track features Noopsta, J-Man, and EZU.  Each track that follows helps highlight Anoop’s control over changes in rhythm, his musicality, and being able to create the right vibe and mood through his production.  Several artists have featured on the album like – EZU (UK) – Amar Sandhu (USA) – Rush Toor (USA) – Sikander Kahlon (INDIA) – Abeer Arora (INDIA) – Rob C (INDIA) – Taizu (USA) – RIMI NIQUEAnoop has utilized all these talents well.

Anoop has managed to create synergy in the album, while still showcasing different sides of his own ability.  Upbeat tracks like “Jee Karda” and “Mr Singh” will make you want to groove in your seat, while others provide you with just the right amount of soul.  One of the tracks in the second half of the album, “Bewafa Nu” gives a better glimpse into just how strong Anoop’s ability is at production.  It is a track that could easily feature in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Altr Ego” is a great name for the album as there is something for everyone on it.  Each track is, in a way, an alter ego of Anoop’s and the audience gets exposed to different aspects of his talent.  Hearing the album will make you an instant fan who will want to follow Anoop’s journey!  It is guaranteed this budding artist will shine bright to become a household name due to his gift of music.  Be sure to support Anoop and buy these tracks legally!

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About Anoop-

Anoop was born into a world of music and was sure to make a name for himself due to his musical genes.  Although Anoop is still very young at only 14 years old, he already has tasted success.  At just 9 years old, Anoop released his first video called, “Bling Bling Mr Singh” as a school project.  He then had his first official music video and song release, “You Can’t Stop This Party” in 2017 featuring Raftaar and Humble The Poet, which hit over 1.3 million views till date.   “Alter Ego” is Anoop’s first full production album with his father Manj – who has featured on the album with a new alter ego artist called J-MAN.

About J-MAN

J-MAN is Manj’s alter ego artist’s name.  This identity was created by Manj to help Anoop create his own individual journey in the world of music using his own skills as a 14 yr old talent independent from his father’s name MANJ MUSIK or RDB.

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